Australia’s Most Eligible Bachelorette Contestants

Image via Ten
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Image via Ten

It’s Australia’s first-ever bachelorette, complete with Australian accents and gorgeous beach tans.  Of all the foreign hotties, featured below are the most eligible contestants to appreciate.  Crikey! there’s some good looking blokes!

“After a nationwide search involving thousands of men, 14 bachelors stood out from the crowd thanks to their intelligence, charm, charisma and humor,” Channel 10 announced.

Dave, 30

Image via Ten

Kayne, 25

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Alex, 35

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Kieren, 28

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Michael, 34

Image via Ten

Richie, 30

Image via Ten

If you’re wanting to tune in on Aussie’s Bachelorette, you can keep up with the full episodes on Ten Play.

The full list of contestants can be found HERE.

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