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World traveller Asha Wadher currently finds the Valley her home, but it is certainly not the only place she has travelled.  Wadher has spent the last nine years building the foundations for atmosol, a business she operates with her brother.  However, Wadher has chosen to take a step back from the company this year to follow her dreams of traveling the world and capturing moments with her photography company Twizted Myrtle.

Wadher said she hopes to bring the world together and provide a better understanding of different cultures and ways of life by taking people on a journey through her photography and travels.  Wadher said she is a private person, but was willing to “let go of her privacy” for the bigger purpose of enlightening the world.

“With every story I want to share some good takeaways that can be inspirational,” Wadher said.  “I’m turning 40 this year, and over the next 40 years I want to give myself the gift of breaking down the walls that either I created for myself or I let other people create for me.”

Check out some of her inspiring real-life photos she captured from around the world, followed by an exclusive AZ Foothills interview with Asha.

Featured below are a few of the images Wadher has captured from around the world.

Playing at home

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Meet Asha:


AFM-What does the name Twizted Myrtle mean, and how did you choose it to become your company name?

Twisted Myrtle is a beautiful and captivating tree. It has zen-like qualities and evokes peaceful sentiments. It’s simple and yet complicated, similar to life. It is grounded while branching out in twists and turns as it tries to find itself and experience life. It mirrors the journey of life perfectly, which is what I am trying to capture through my photography. And the reason for trading the s for z was because each tree is unique, just as I am.

AFM- What’s your favorite place you have travelled so far?

Chiang Mai and Phuket, Thailand | Kashmir, India | Portland, Oregon

AFM- What was your favorite experience your travels have brought you?

On a family vacation visiting Mt. St. Helens, Washington. The scenic views of beauty and destruction as we drove to Mt. St. Helens were simply breathtaking. Enjoying the stunning beauty with my family while listening to beautiful music, family chitter chatter and laughter was magical. My Mom was in awe of the beauty of this place and she said that I brought her to heaven. As we got closer to the visitors center, the weather turned on us. Heavy rains and almost zero visibility. The folks at the visitors’ center said that it had been like that all day and you could not see Mt. St. Helens. Nevertheless, we decided to go inside and at the very least, check out the exhibits. As we listened to the ranger sharing facts and trying to come to terms with the fact that we will not be able to see Mt. St. Helens, an incredible thing happened. The fog cleared in the most graceful way, similar to someone raising the curtains at an opera house. We could see Mt. St. Helens and what a stunning sight! Experiencing this gorgeous beauty with my family was my favorite part.

AFM- Where do you hope to travel in the future?

My top 10 list includes Cambodia, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, Japan, Kenya, Iceland, Peru, St. Lucia and Tahiti

AFM- What first inspired you to begin traveling?

My Mom has a deep and unquenchable passion for travel. As a result, I’ve been traveling the world since I was 2 years old. As I grew older and gained a little understanding of the world, I recognized how traveling is not only fun, but also educational. It got into my bloodstream. So I have my Mom to thank for catching the travel bug.

AFM- What are your goals for your company in the future?

To inspire and facilitate honest conversations amongst people all over the world to have a better understanding of each other through my photography, world travel and stories I share on

AFM- How did you get involved in photography?

I have been a student of photography since I could remember. I had to leave my family in Oman when I was 15 years old to pursue further education in the U.K. I would study our family photos for hours. I was reliving the moment as a way to stay close and connected with my family. I would be able to hear Mom and Dad laughing in the photos, I could feel their touch as they held my hand and see the love in their eyes. I would spend days working on my photo albums, organizing them in chronological order. About 3 years back I took a photography 101 class at Tempe Camera. I didn’t realize at the time the journey that would follow suit.

AFM- What would you say is your company’s philosophy?

Be authentic. Be real. Be curious. Seek truth. Touch lives.

You can keep up with Asha and her adventures by visiting her Twizted Myrtle’s Website.  You can also follow Asha on Twitter and like Twizted Myrtle on Facebook.

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