Arizona Humane Society’s Pet Telethon

Our very own and beloved Arizona Humane Society needs our help! On August 14, the 12th Annual Pet Telethon will hit the airwaves on ABC15, hosted by the Valley’s own Pat McMahon. From 1:30 to 4:30 p.m., the three-hour broadcast will showcase the diverse and meaningful work AHS does to rescue, heal, nurture, adopt and advocate for animals in need.

The goal of this year’s Pet Telethon, presented by, is to unite the community and inspire viewers to put their compassion in action to give help, hope and a second chance at life to homeless animals. Donations options are available online through AHS’s Web site.

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Arizona Humane Society is pleased to welcome Hall of Fame broadcaster, Pat McMahon, as the host of the 12th Annual Pet Telethon. Pat is best known as a long-time KTAR radio personality and daily host of the “McMahon Group” on AZTV. But those who grew up in Arizona know him best as all those characters on the 36-year TV legend, The Wallace and Ladmo Show.

The Arizona Humane Society believes that pets, much like people, are inherently good. And like people, some are born into families that were not prepared for the extra responsibility. Some are denied food, water, shelter and even medical treatment for injuries and illnesses.

“The difference between pets and people is that pets don’t have a say. And what’s more, pets overlook senseless acts of cruelty and neglect and offer unconditional love nonetheless. During the summer months, homeless pets face the toughest conditions and must fight to survive… in silence. By supporting AHS through events like the Pet Telethon, you can be their voice. Because every pet deserves a good life.”

Arizona Humane Society began serving the community in1957 and remains the state’s largest animal welfare agency. Without the funding that allows us to operate, last year:

  • 22,837 calls to rescue sick and injured animals would
  • have gone unanswered by our Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ (“pet paramedics”).
  • 12,916 pets placed in forever homes may still be homeless.
  • 11,508 dogs, cats and critters would have suffered without
  • receiving treatment in our Second Chance Animal Hospital™.
  • 19,334 pets wouldn’t have been spayed or neutered,
  • exponentially adding to the pet overpopulation crisis.

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