Arizona Cardinals Introduce Luxury, Field-Level Seating for New Season

Casita Garden Club

Starting this season, Arizona Cardinals fans and visitors at State Farm Stadium will be able to enjoy the game of football like never before with first-of-their-kind, premium seating offerings that are set to redefine the spectator experience for fans in Arizona and across the sports world. 

From field-level casitas and exclusive clubs to innovative field boxes and suites, State Farm Stadium plans to elevate the in-stadium experience for fans through a variety of upscale spectator offerings that will provide the most unique, exclusive, comfortable and convenient luxury experiences available in sports today. Among the most exciting features of these new viewing offerings is their field-level location just feet from the sidelines which will bring fans even closer to the action. 

Perhaps the most unique of the new product offerings are the casitas that State Farm Stadium will introduce at the south end of the stadium. These custom-built, field-level luxury casitas are designed specifically for State Farm Stadium and introduce a concept never before seen in the industry. The NFL equivalent to a beachfront property, each casita will sit just feet from the south end zone, getting fans nearly as close to the game as the players themselves. Each casita will hold 20 guests and boast two levels, including a spacious “front yard” and well-appointed rooftop deck, allowing fans to watch the game from multiple locations. Inside, guests will be able to relax, enjoy the sights and sounds of the game or follow the action on a large television screen.


The new exclusive Casita Garden Club at the south end of the stadium will also elevate fans’ gameday experience with all-inclusive high-end menu offerings, handcrafted cocktails, beer and wine. Spanning the width of the south end zone, the spacious 13,400-square-foot field-level club will be located directly behind the Casitas and near some of the best seats in the house. With the home locker room just feet away, guests will also enjoy behind-the-scenes moments as Cardinals players make their way to the field. 

State Farm Stadium will also introduce private four- and six-person field boxes on the east and west sidelines of the south end of the playing field, which will offer optimal comfort and proximity to the action. Each box features its own private TV and access to the Casita Garden Club. Guests will also be among the first to enjoy a game from a Monaco Dream Seat, a large, comfortable leather seat that is being used for the first time at any stadium in the world. In addition to their comfort and prime on-field location, these field boxes offer an exclusive viewing experience with a total of 66 seats available on each side of the field. 

Field boxes

On the north end of the stadium, the new Morgan Athletic Club will offer a unique fan experience just steps away from the end zone. The 12,500-square-foot space will resemble a private 1920s supper club with a lavishly-furnished lounge and moody lighting. Guests will enjoy thoughtfully crafted menus and a curated selection of wines, cocktails and beers, as well as live music before and after the game, exclusive access to private dining rooms, VIP parking and a private entrance into the stadium. 

Fans will also have new suite and seat options to choose from at the north end of the stadium. The Field Suites will include seating for 12 guests, as well as all-inclusive food and beverage. Located near the 20-yard line and just a few strides from the playing field, these field suites will also provide three rows of luxurious Monaco Dream Seats for each group. The Sideline and End Zone Field Seats are just a short walk from the Morgan Athletic Club, offering unique sideline and head-on perspectives of the action right from the field and featuring some of the widest and most comfortable seats in the stadium. 

One of the newest and most exclusive suite offerings available for Cardinals games are the Tunnel Suites located just steps from the back of the end zone and Morgan Athletic Club. These can accommodate up to 12 guests and will offer all-inclusive food and beverage offerings. 

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