Five of the Best “Chick” Shows to Binge-Watch this Summer

Cute young woman watching an online show

Cute young woman watching an online show

Summer is here, giving busy folks the time to relax and catch up on much needed rest and relaxation, including the much-needed occasional TV show or two.  We all know that many Netflix binge-watching sessions are bound to happen this summer, so here are some of Valley Girl’s suggestions for shows to watch this summer.

These are five of the best “chick” shows to marathon, whether on a free weekend or all summer long. Grab your best gal pal, and get ready to become consumed in one of these summer shows!

1. Friends

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Number of Series: 10
Available on Netflix? Yes. Friends has been available on Netflix since January.
Why Friends? This timeless show will keep you laughing and entertained all summer long.  Not to mention, the 22 minute episodes are the perfect length to squeeze between daily activities.

2. One Tree Hill

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Number of Series: 9
Available on Netflix? Yes.
Why One Tree Hill? You will fall in love with these characters, following them through their process of growing up.

3.  Orange is the New Black

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Number of Series: 2
Available on Netflix? Yes.
Why Orange is The New Black? Unlike most shows, this show takes you inside the mindsets of female jail-mates, following their paths through jail and what got them in there in the first place. The show is funny, while also serious and thought-provoking.  It’s known as a good show for both males and females!

4.  Gossip Girl 

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Number of Series: 6
Available on Netflix? Yes.
Why Gossip Girl? No matter how hard you try to resist, it’s impossible to watch Gossip Girl and not get hooked.  While you follow the “scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite,” you will become transfixed with these characters, assuring you will never truly be bored this summer.

5. Gilmore Girls

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Number of Series: 7
Available on Netflix? Yes
Why Gilmore Girls? This show is the perfect show for girls who love an independent female protagonist. Whether you’ve seen this show growing up or not, this show will make you reminisce on childhood memories.

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