5 Faves with Neyda Melina

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Name: Neyda Melina from Truly Ney






Age: 26

Occupation title: Assistant Shoe Buyer

Fave #1: Block Heels

I live for shoes! Literally, I’m a shoe buyer and I’m sooo happy these came back in style and they are blowing up the market. They work for any occasion, I wear them all day everywhere. Embroidered details, colors, and textures are always a plus!

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 1.18.25 PMFave #2: Capri Blue Candle

I keep candles everywhere but my all-time fave is and always will be the Capri Blue. Just leave it open unlit and it still fills up the room with its citrusy aroma.

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Fave #3: Earrings

You will never catch me not wearing earrings. It’s a thing form the girls in my family. Almost like wearing makeup and forgetting mascara, looks unfinished. So even if they are the tiniest studs or the so on trend tassels right now, I will always call them my favorite jewelry.

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Fave #4: Herbivore Coconut Rose Hibiscus Water

I’ve been hooked! I spray rose water on myself to freshen up throughout the day. It’s become a MUST when I travel. So refreshing!

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Fave #5: Art Frames

My latest favorite thing are art frames. I’ve really gotten into décor lately and art frames just give everything a new appeal. I love painting, drawing, and photography so framing my work makes it more personalized. I’m really hoping to share more this topic on my blog 😉

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Fast Favorites:

Book: Catcher in the Rye, Classic!

Movie: Tough one, I’m a movie buff but… Black Swan? Psychological thrillers are best

TV Show: House of Cards amongst others

Guilty Pleasure: Magazines & Pizza (at the same time)

Time of Day: Brunch time, duh!

Valley restaurant: Flourish at the CopperWynd Resort

Annual Local Event: Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships

Thing about Arizona: Sunsets, hands down!

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