Braid & Wood – Modern and Minimal Designs

Are you looking for a stylish modern way to display or hang indoor plants in your home? Then you should consider Braid & Wood Design Studio’s plant hangers.

Their products are made from brass plated hardware, white oak, maple, and cording made of natural cotton. The plant hangers are versatile and can be displayed in a few different ways.

There are options for displaying on shelves, hanging from your wall, or even hanging from the ceiling. 

The Braid & Wood plant hangers are great for adding the final touch or even just an extra bohemian flair to your space. The brass plated hardware and natural colored hardwood bases make the plant hanger pop and add brightness to the room.

The V- Hanger which is designed to hang on the wall also has a touch of leather to stand out and all of the products have aesthetically pleasing and attractive hanging options so you don’t have to worry about ugly hardware sticking out. 

I love the way that the Braid & Wood plant hangers brought life into my home and are a great center of attention that never gets old even while working from home.

– Jenna Medlin-Roark
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