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Test Your Royal Faire Knowledge With This Quiz

Get ready to make all of your knight in shining armor, flower crown wearing, Rapunzel length hair dreams come true because the Arizona Renaissance Festival returns February 10 running through April 1. Mermaids, maidens, merriment and magical moments await at the 30th annual festival featuring an amusement park, 13-stage theater, full arts and crafts fair and more all housed within a 30-acre 16th Century village. Before you hit the fest, test your medieval knowledge with the quiz below (and no Googling, cheaters):

1. Queen Elizabeth I was the daughter of King Henry VIII and _______.

a) Anne Boleyn b) Lady Jane Grey c) Mary Queen of Scotts d) Katherine Parr

2. The armor for a horse’s head is called _______.

a) chamfrein b) head armor c) cheval d) armet

3. Name of the breed of dog most depicted in Coats of Arms.

a) Irish Wolfhound b) Greyhound c) Scottish Deerhound d) Westie

4. In London, Shakespeare worked with this company of players.

a) The Royal Players b) the Merry Rogues c) Lord Chamberlian’s Men d) Playwrites of Globe

5. _______ succeeded to the throne of England after the death of Henry VIII.

a) Mary Staurt b) Elizabeth c) Katherine Parr d) Edward e) James VI

6. Many written works are attributed to Shakespeare before his death in _______.

a) 1616 b) 1603 c) 1598 d) 1625 e) 1610

7. What best describes the most common form of government during the Middle Ages.

a) Dictatorship b) matriarchal c) feudalism d) theocracy

8. A cooper makes _______ for his living.

a) clothes b) ale c) horse shoes d) weaponry e) barrels

9. Someone who pursues many intellectual and artistic activities is a _______.

a) nobleman b) Renaissance man c) King d) rogue

10. The dynasties of England from the 1480’s to the 1600’s belonged to what family?

a) Bourbon b) Windsor c) Tudor d) Hapsburg e) Hollenzollern

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Answers: 1. a, 2. a, 3. b, 4. c, 5. d, 6. a, 7. c, 8. e, 9. b, 10. c    

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