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Phoenix Pop-Up Nursery Sprouts in New Year

Plants in pots on sale at the local garden center.

Got green thumb goals in mind for the New Year? You’re in luck because The Urban Farm will be hosting a series of fruit tree pop-up nursery events starting in January and extending through March. Thousands of trees ripe for the picking are set to arrive in Phoenix for shoppers to choose from. The incredible selection includes deciduous (apples, peaches, apricots, plums, figs, berries) and citrus like lemons, limes or blood oranges. Tropical fruit trees will also be available such as guavas, Barbados cherries and—new this year—Arizona avocado trees.

“I am really excited about all that The Urban Farm has to offer,” says owner, Greg Peterson. “I hand select trees that will continue to grow and provide food for you year after year.”  Over the last 27 years, Peterson has made a name for himself in the urban farming and gardening community, transforming his 1/3-acre home into what is known as The Urban Farm. Peterson empowers people to plant their own by offering educational classes both online and in-person, as well as events to promote fruit trees and vegetable seeds.

During the pop-up nurseries Peterson will be available to answer questions throughout the day and offer tips on how to plant and nurture new trees. Gardening supplies will also be available for purchase. Vilardi Gardens will be on hand to offer other plants and vegetables for your landscape. Prices of fruit trees, berries and grapes begin at just $10. The pop-up nurseries will take place at 4549 N. 7th St. Phoenix 85014 from 9a – 3p on the following dates:

January 2017

(deciduous trees only)

Friday 1/13, Saturday 1/14, Friday 1/20, Saturday 1/21, Friday 1/27, Saturday 1/28


(deciduous, citrus and tropical trees)

Friday 2/17, Saturday 2/18, Friday 2/24, Saturday 2/25


(deciduous, citrus and tropical trees)

Friday 2/17, Saturday 2/18, Friday 2/24, Saturday 2/25

For more information on The Urban Farm visit Urbanfarm.org or check them out on Facebook at Facebook.com/TheUrbanFarm. 



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