Chocolate Affaire

Attention chocoholics! Brace yourself for the sinfully delicious Glendale Chocolate Affaire festival, named one of the Top 100 Events in North America, this weekend (Feb. 6-8) at Historic Downtown Glendale. What better way to get geared up for Valentine’s Day, than to tempt his or her palette with some silky smooth chocolate?


Attending chocolate lovers will delight in the three-dozen chocolate purveyors, discovering everything from chocolate-covered potato chips to chocolate chile pecans to goat milk fudge. Arizona’s famous candy makers and the event’s sponsor, Cerreta’s, will be offering tours all weekend. So guests can get a behind-the-scenes look at how the chocolatiers create this sweet oral fixation. Other candy creators on hand to reveil their famous recipes include Oh Fudge from Missouri, Fossil Creek Creamery, Karen’s Kreamery and more!

It’s no surprise that the festival has become the largest gathering of national romance novelists in the Southwest. Adding to the undenying romance, this symposium of literary romantics offers fans the opportunity to get up close and personal with authors, as well as the chance to attend free writing workshops given by the experts.

Got no babysitter? Bring the kids because there will be myriads of activities, including hands-on arts and crafts, face painting and a rock-climbing wall. Horse-drawn carriage rides will be available throughout the weekend to take couples or families on a scenic, charming ride through the historic Catlin Court district.

The Glendale Chocolate Affaire festival was named one of the Top 100 Events in North America by the Washington Post, the Seattle Times and the American Bus Association. The event also was bestowed with the 2003 Governor’s Tourism Award for the Best Special Event in Arizona.

Event hours are Friday 5 – 10 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday noon to 5 p.m. The event is located in the heart of Historic Downtown Glendale, in Murphy Park, located at 58th and Glendale avenues.

For more information on the Glendale Chocolate Affaire, including the entertainment lineup and a list of authors making appearances, call 623.930.2299.

Romance Author Signing Schedule:

Linda Andrews 5pm-8pm
Pam Tracy 5pm-8pm
Vijaya Schartz 5pm-9pm
Renee Bernard 5pm-10pm
Carolyn Hughey 5pm-10pm
Kayla Janz 5pm-10pm
Denise Jeffries / Alexis Ke 5pm-10pm
Judi McCoy 5pm-10pm
Cathy McDavid 5pm-10pm
Marie Patrick 5pm-10pm
Cassie Ryan / Tina Gerow 5pm-10pm
Stacey Connelly 6pm-8pm
Kathryne Kennedy 7pm-8pm
Tina Lavon 7pm-8pm
Valerie King 7pm-10pm

Laurie Schnebley Campbell 10am-1pm
Linda Andrews 10am-2pm
Eden Robins 10am-2pm
Pam Tracy 10am-7pm
Renee Bernard 10am-10pm
Tia Dani 10am-10pm
Carolyn Hughey 10am-10pm
Kayla Janz 10am-10pm
Denise Jeffries / Alexis Ke 10am-10pm
Judi McCoy 10am-10pm
Cathy McDavid 10am-10pm
Marie Patrick 10am-10pm
Cassie Ryan / Tina Gerow 10am-10pm
Carol Webb 10am-10pm
Stacey Connelly 11am-5pm
Roz Denny Fox 12pm-2pm
Vicki Lewis Thompson 12pm-2pm
Lois Carrol 12pm-4pm
Kim Watters 12pm-5pm
Susan Yarina 12pm-5pm
Vicki Gaia 12pm-6pm
Donna Hatch 12pm-6pm
Vijaya Schartz 12pm-9pm
Allison Leigh 2pm-5pm
Kathryne Kennedy 7pm-8pm
Tina Lavon 7pm-8pm
Valerie King 7pm-10pm

Linda Andrews 10am-2pm
Lois Carrol 12pm-4pm
Renee Bernard 12pm-5pm
Tia Dani 12pm-5pm
Vicki Gaia 12pm-5pm
Donna Hatch 12pm-5pm
Carolyn Hughey 12pm-5pm
Kayla Janz 12pm-5pm
Denise Jeffries / Alexis Ke 12pm-5pm
Judi McCoy 12pm-5pm
Cathy McDavid 12pm-5pm
Marie Patrick 12pm-5pm
Cassie Ryan / Tina Gerow 12pm-5pm
Vijaya Schartz 12pm-5pm
Pam Tracy 12pm-5pm
Carol Webb 12pm-5pm

  1. Whoever came up with Chocolate Covered Strawberries is a genius…and also the reason why I’m five pounds overweight. Anyway, chocolate covered potato chips….that expression, don’t knock it until you try it….well, i’m knocking it lol.

  2. Chocolate covered chips reminds me of those fried pickles they had at the state fair. Whatttt?????

  3. There is no excuse to not indulge in chocolate for the next four weeks or at least that is the excuse my friend Nichole has given me. So on that note, I must attend.

  4. I prefer white chocolate, (even though white chocolate is practically congealed suntan lotion). Is that weird?

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