Writing in Style: The Art of the Handwritten Note

Who isn’t obsessed with Facebook and Twitter?  If it’s longer than 140-character these days, it seems that our society wants to have nothing to do with it. What happened to the romantic days of handwritten love letters? Or thank you notes? Even invitations for fancy soirees are now sent in the form of E-Vites or Paperless Post.

But there are benefits to picking up that pen and paper. Not only is it more special to those you are writing to, it really gives you a reason to slow down, think about your feelings and put your articulated, official communiqué on record.

Cindy Zimmerman, who is a Valley resident, is a published author and advocate of the handwritten note. So much so, that she founded Writing In Style, an organization dedicated to preserving the written word. Zimmerman was nice enough to offer AZFoothills.com and Arizona Foothills Magazine a few tips when it comes to getting into the groove of paper correspondence.

  • Getting Started is Most Important Writing talent can be important, but the courage to put pen to paper is most important. A writer is being open to exposing oneself to the receiver of the handwritten note and willing to have one’s handwriting, thoughts, process of thoughts and grammar put in a document that could last forever.
  • Focus on the Person You Are Writing To Share a special memory, common goals, cheers for their successes and, most profoundly, empathy when someone is in an uncomfortable life situation.
  • Include an Extra My extra is a sprig of rosemary; it symbolizes the remembrance of friendship.
  • Understand That a “Thank You” is One of the Greatest Notes One Can Write Why? Because it indicates you have something to be grateful for. The simple act of saying “thank you” in writing to someone every day has huge emotional, psychological benefits.
  • Keep it Simple The simplest of phrases can be the most profound. “I care” are two of the most profound words I believe to be in our English language when said with sincere feeling. Build on your writing skills. It is an investment in your personal success both professionally and personally.

So now that you feel inspired to pick up that fountain pen, here are my picks for the cutest stationary and paper sources.

Kate Spade has an adorable paper section here, with everything from notecards to planners and journals.


Poseprints allows you to choose characteristics on little cartoons to re-create your own face, or the face of a bride and groom or baby you may be honoring. Everything is custom, and it tops out at only a few dollars per card. I’ve tried them, and they’re of the highest quality!

Cheree Berry does mostly wedding invitations, but how adorable is this custom stationery? We are in love.


Do you send handwritten notes?

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