Ideas for The Perfect Christmas Tree

Before Christmas trees became a symbol of the religious holiday, pagan people all over the world used evergreen plants to celebrate life in the winter season. For those living in the northern hemisphere, evergreens were used to celebrate the winter solstice, as it signified that summer, and therefore rebirth, were surely on their way.

The installation of these evergreens as a Christmas essential was first adapted by devout Christian Germans in the 16th century. It is strongly believed that Martin Luther was the first to add lights to a tree after becoming awestruck from the sight of stars twinkling through a forest of evergreens.

America was reluctant to embrace what they viewed as “pagan mockery” of Christmas, and thus, the tradition was not widely accepted there until the late 1840’s.

In 1846, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, of German origin, were depicted in the London News standing around a Christmas tree with their children, and after that, the trend stuck tighter than evergreen sap ever could.

Inspire yourself this holiday season with some modern adaptations of the trend, as seen below:


Got a lot of books lying around? Make room on the shelves for all of those Christmas cards and arrange your books in this festive way. Complete the look with a star book end at the top, and rest assured this tree contains no worms.

Don’t have enough room on the table top for all of those Christmas cards you’ve been accumulating? Well, Mother Nature has a hand to offer. Just grab a tree branch or two when raking the back yard, stick them in a jar, and tie on the cards with some ribbon.

If you’re good with a needle and string, sew up some green star-shaped pillows and stack them like this for a one-of-a-kind tree you can later distribute as gifts to guests at your super-swanky Christmas soiree.


Here’s a tree you can use again and again. Grab some craft Styrofoam, cut it into shape, and cover it with fake flowers of your choice, just right to match the rest of your fabulous Christmas decor. Top it off with a star or angel decoration and you’re set. If you’re feeling really daring, try finding a way to conceal a self-automated room freshener in the piece—that is sure to throw off your guests.

When the family can’t decide on a Christmas tree color scheme, use them all like this. Use a white tree for extra contrast.

Baby’s first Christmas? Leftover paint? Just plain bored? This is a decoration that can be preserved for years to come, memories included.

Whether you’re on a Christmas diet or not, everyone can enjoy the fun of baking and Christmas candy with this delicious tree.

A simple and fun way to display pictures or Christmas cards. Or make a game of it; match the tag to the gift for a fun way to find one’s gifts on Christmas morning, and for an easy way to un-decorate the tree.

Santa is sure to get a kick out of this one on Christmas Eve. Wrap your tree in red tulle, a black ribbon and white boas if you’re looking to pay tribute to the big man himself. He is sure to reward you with extra special gifts.


What better way to serve guests on Christmas Eve than with a healthy, colorful tree like this one? Easy on the belt, tempting to the eyes.

Who says firewood is only for chimneys? Whip out the nails, hammer and paint for this one-of-a-kind easy-to-do kind of tree.

Cleaning up the house in a hurry? Not to worry. An easy way to tidy a shelf; looks so good they’ll think you’re an elf.

Colored trees also make a bold statement for the Christmas fashionista.

Spare yourself the messy pine needles or having to dig through storage for the fake tree. Hang Christmas decorations closely together at different levels from the ceiling for this fun, easy-to-do optical illusion.

Under the tree, under the wall…who cares when they’re presents?

Decorate the tree with the gifts for an easy assembly—and disassembly.

Thank you for helping find these amazing Christmas trees!

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