Here are Phoenix’s Spotify Wrapped Results for 2023

How do your Spotify Wrapped results compare to the rest of Phoenix? These artists, songs and genres top the list for having the most streams in Phoenix over the year. Find out who, and what, Spotify users in Phoenix listened to the most in 2023 below. 

Top Artists

  1. Drake
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. Peso Pluma
  4. Bad Bunny
  5. Morgan Wallen

Top Songs

  1. “Ella Baila Sola” by Eslabon Armado, Peso Pluma
  2. “Last Night” by Morgan Wallen
  3. “Kill Bill” by SZA
  4. “PRC” by Natanael Cano, Peso Pluma
  5. “AMG” by Gabito Ballesteros, Natanael Cano, Peso Pluma

Top Genres

  1. Pop
  2. Rap
  3. Hip-hop
  4. Rock
  5. Pop rap

Spotify Wrapped 2023 revealed that Taylor Swift took the crown as the most streamed artist globally. However, in Phoenix, more people listened to Drake, who tops the list as the most streamed artist by Phoenix users. Phoenix’s top song of 2023 is “Ella Baila Sola” by Eslabon Armado and Peso Pluma, who is also one of the most-streamed artists of the year in Phoenix. Across all artists and songs streamed in Phoenix this year, pop lands on top as the genre that was listened to the most. 

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