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DIY Flirty Fruit Nail Designs for the Summer

Who says fruit is just for eating?  To match your poolside watermelon or fruit this summer, you might want to try out some of the following fun fruity nail art.  These designs might look a little complex, but they’re actually rather simple to do yourself.  These are the freshest nail designs of the summer!

Image via lasula.co.uk


1. Paint a base coat of reds or pinks
2. Paint the top with strawberry heads
3. Use a toothpick for the raw of seeds

Image via bymarizinha.blogspot.com


1.  Paint a base green coat
2. Paint a white oval shape in the center of the nail
3. Use a toothpick to pain small lines coming out of the oval
4. Paint black dots between the lines.

Image via pintaunhas.com


1. Apply a light red or pink base coat and a light green tip
2. Outline the tip with white nail polish
3. Paint darker green squiggles on the tip
4. Use a toothpick to place dots on the red/pink

The following designs are a little more complicated, but are perfect for some nail inspiration.

Cool-Orange-nail-art-ideas-640x480Image via nailart2014.com

Image via handmadedreamsofmine.com

Image via forums.graaam.com

Image via kit-manucure.com

Image via inspiritoo.com

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