Stay-Fit Tips for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Before you even think about digging into those candied yams and whipped-cream-topped pumpkin pie, read a few helpful tips from Scottsdale’s Dr. Suneil Jain (he counts Steve Nash as a client), of Rejuvena Health & Aesthetics, for keeping Turkey Day a healthful day, as well.
1. Limit the alcohol. Alcohol can increase your appetite and decrease your willpower, and that holiday cocktail is probably loaded with empty calories.
2. Drink mostly water or unsweetened herbal teas. Many times when people think they are hungry, they are actually just thirsty. By drinking lots of water throughout the day, you’ll lower the risk of overeating by helping you feel full. Herbal teas can also promote balance and equilibrium in the body during times of excess and overindulgence.
3. Limit portions and refined sugar. Homemade holiday food tends to be less processed than store bought. It’s O.K. to allow yourself a few special holiday treats, but choose carefully.
4. Have a minimum of two servings of raw vegetables daily. They have more fiber and fewer calories so you can fill your plate, eat healthy, and satisfy your appetite.
5. Don’t let exercise take a break during the holidays. You should get at least 15 minutes of cardiovascular exercise daily. Try going for a 20-minute brisk walk after a meal can help burn off excess calories.
6. With all of the rushing around during the holiday season, it is very easy to forget how important it is to get your proper rest. It is important to get at least seven hours of sleep each night. When you’re tired, your body craves a quick energy boost. You’ll typically get this from sugary, fatty foods. Getting enough sleep will also help with stress during the holidays.

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