Peninsula Hong Kong Readies for Renovation Unveiling

Hong Kong’s skyline has grown as quickly as its reputation as one of the world’s leading financial centers. Whether traveling to the Far East for business or pleasure, the Peninsula Hong Kong is an ideal place to anchor your stay in the city.

Soon, the Peninsula Hong Kong will unveil the first phase of its landmark room enhancement program. The renovation project set out to transform all 297 guestrooms in the iconic luxury hotel and, due to the size of the property, there will be two separate unveilings. The big unveiling on September 6, 2012 will showcase the flagship Peninsula property’s redesigned guestrooms in the Peninsula Tower and the guestrooms in the original building will be unveiled in 2013.

The rooms will feature a more contemporary design and feature pioneering new in-room technology that will set new standards of guest personalization. With an accent on Classic Modernity, simplicity and chic elegance, the new room aesthetic melds the distinctive design touches and practicality present in today’s luxury yachts, motorcars, and private jets, taking The Peninsula guest experience to the next level.

Throughout my travels, I have seen my fair share of luxury resorts. It’s refreshing to see a resort as highly regarded as the Peninsula Hong Kong continuing its tradition of superior quality services and accommodations, even after setting a gold standard for resorts of the region (pre-renovation).

Or, as Mr. Peter Borer, COO of Peninsula Hotels put it, “Innovation is part of the tradition of this hotel. This concept will usher in a new era of in-room comfort, showcasing our leadership role in bringing the latest guest-focused technology to the world.”

It’s this kind of intention, attitude and attention to detail that speaks volumes in the hospitality industry.

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