Current Fave Spa Trend: Salt & Sound Therapies

Source: Instagram @hollymoretti
Source: Instagram @hollymoretti

There is a growing popularity of returning to a more natural approach to health, and looking back to the practices of our ancestors for remedies.

And, Royal Palms Resort’s Alvadora Spa, as well as Fairmont Scottsdale Princess‘ Well & Being Spa are not ones to miss out on trends, or approaches to health that help calm the body.

Both spas have incorporated some ancient therapies into two treatments they’re now offering.

Alvadora Spa

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

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Salt therapy is nothing new. In fact, it dates back to philosophers and healers of ancient times, who promoted inhaling salt as a great way to improve health.

Alvadora Spa has brought salt into their spa world by using organic salt stones from Saltability to perform a massage whose benefits largely include balancing the nervous system, and providing deep nourishment to your body’s depleted cells.

Completely free of chemicals, this massage draws upon Chinese medicine and uses the 84 naturally-occurring minerals and elements of Saltability’s pure Himalayan salts to detoxify your body, as well as:

  • improve sleep
  • reduce inflammation
  • relax nervous system
  • reduce signs of aging
  • stimulating circulation

This treatment is priced at $170 for 50 minutes


Gong Baths

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Though this treatment sounds like it involves getting wet, it doesn’t. Rather than bathing in water, you will be bathing in sound waves.

Lying on a yoga mat, the instructor will perform sound therapy using a variety of sounds produced by the gong. As the session progresses, the gong will get louder.

So what is the benefit of this?

The sounds of the gong help you to return to the brainwave frequencies that you reach when you are daydreaming, in a deep sleep, and in meditation. And these frequencies are where healing can occur.

According to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, Theta brainwaves are where we want our bodies and minds to be if we are in need of healing or relaxation, and this is where the 50-minute gong bath will help you get to.

This experience is priced at $20 per one-hour group session.


For more information on the salt and sound therapies offered at Alvadora Spa, as well as the award-winning spa’s other fabulous treatments, visit here.

Well & Being Spa

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Singing Bowl Sound Therapy

As you read above, sound waves can have quite an incredible effect on our bodies.

And Well & Being Spa’s approach to sound therapy sounds like 60 minutes of heaven.

With this treatment, Himalayan Singing Bowls are laid on the body to tap deep into relaxation and vibration.

Sound therapy is one of the best ways to help promote deep sleep and relieve stress and tension in the body and mind.

As the bowls are “played,” vibrations move throughout the entire body, including your brain that is signaled to slow it down.

By focusing your body and mind’s attention on the sounds of the bowls, you are able to enter an incredibly deep state of relaxation that will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and most importantly, relaxed.

This treatment is priced at $169.

To book your Singing Bowl Therapy experience today, visit the spa’s website here.

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