“Scentfully” Minded

While the holidays are usually marked by delicious smells of cooking and baking for family meals, filling your own home with a favorite scent can be just as rewarding. Here are some of the many great ways to integrate your favorite scents into your home that are different from your usual candle burning.



Incense are one of the under-appreciated ways to scent your home. Burning incense quickly fills a room with amazing smells. Incense are available in tons of varieties, scents and can be held on beautiful burners, such as this option from L’Objet.

Oil Warmer


Oil warmers are another great candle alternative, as the scents can be switched out often. Not to mention they are cute, eye-catching additions to any shelf or table. This Page Thirty Three oil burner from Urban Outfitters gives off serious chic laboratory vibes.

Reed Diffusers  


Reed diffusers are another of my favorite ways to freshen the smell of any room, plus there are so many scrumptious scent options and cute bottles to choose from. The slow-release design of reed diffusers makes them a subtler, more popular option for people who want to keep their home smelling fresh, but not in an overpowering way. The “Soziety” Aromatic Reed Diffuser by Votivo offers several great scents in a chic white bottle with black reed sticks.

Essential Oils  

For a natural air freshener alternative, fill a small spray bottle with water and 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil and shake it up before use. This will fill your home with a subtle, yet natural aroma that won’t irritate those who are scent-sensitive.

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