Closet Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Everyone has a closet overfilled with clothes and shoes that are never worn. Yet, the second the ‘clean out the closet’ act starts, it’s impossible to put anything in the donate pile! Since Spring is here, it is the perfect time to clean out that closet and start fresh for the upcoming summer season.

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Closest Spring cleaning tips and tricks:

When was the last time this was worn?
Can’t remember the last time that shirt was worn? Toss it! Don’t like the way it fits exactly? Toss it! Only a special occasion, but wore it last New Years, dress? Donate it! While it may be hard to get rid of items that hold special memories, it does no good holed up in your closet taking space. If you cannot see yourself wearing it within the next three to four months, it might be time to let someone else have it.

Seperate by seasons
Don’t keep the winter wear with spring garments. Having separate sections, drawers or bins for season like clothing. Not only will it save time in the morning, it will help you decide if that tank top is really worth saving for this Spring.

Buy one, donate one
The Golden Rule of the closet (probably): Everytime you buy something new, donate something else. Otherwise, you end up with 15 black tank tops that just don’t ever get worn! The more you practice this, the less chance of buyers remorse, or having several things in your closet that still have tags on them.

Turn hangers backwards
Have a few things hanging in the closet that you just can’t quite part with? Turn the hanger backwards, and when you wear the item in question, turn the hanger around to match the others. Revisit the closet in three – six months. If the hanger is still backwards, toss it! It means that you have yet to wear that option, so why keep it any longer?

As you start spring cleaning your house, start in the closet! You will be amazed at your donate pile, and will have plenty of room to stock up on cute summer finds.

What are your favorite closet cleaning tips?

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