Punta Mita Golf: The Bounce Number

Tom F. Stickney II is the Director of Instruction and Business Development at Punta Mita, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Punta Mita is a 1,500-acre golf and beach resort located 45 minutes from Puerto Vallarta on a beautiful peninsula surrounded by the Bay of Banderas on three sides. Amenities include two Nicklaus Signature golf courses with 14 holes directly on the water, a golf academy, four private beach clubs, a Four Seasons Hotel, a St. Regis Hotel, as well as multiple private villas and homesites available. Read on to learn about the importance of choosing the appropriate equipment with the right bounce number for you.

One of the most important things in choosing a set of wedges, besides getting them fit correctly to match the length and lie of your other irons, is the bounces you choose. With the wedges, I play the bounce number that is located here on the back while others are located on the hosel or the toe of the club. This bounce number is very important because it tells you how the wedge will react when it impacts the sand or the grass around the green, and it must match your mechanics. 

I prefer my bounce numbers to be the same or very close to the same so I get the same “feel” with both my wedges but other people have different bounces. If you tend to hit the ball fat when you miss the ball, I would suggest a higher bounce. When the thin shot is your miss, I would use a lower bounce wedge.  Experiment with the feels during a wedge fitting, and I bet you’ll have more success around the green!

For more information regarding Punta Mita, golf outings, golf schools and private lessons, e-mail tom.stickney@puntamita.com.

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