Weekend Real Estate: The Jason Mitchell Group Puts Clients First For the Ultimate Home Buying-Selling Experience

Michael Caldarelli, The Jason Mitchell Group

This week, top-producing real estate sales consultant Michael Caldarelli of The Jason Mitchell Group explains how real, in-person interactions are key to delivering the ultimate home buying or selling experience

Michael Caldarelli, The Jason Mitchell Group

In a world of online interaction and social media, here at The Jason Mitchell Group, we strive to retain the human interaction with our clients. Texting and emailing are very quick and convenient ways to interact with someone initially, but that’s what everyone else is doing. We take the time to speak to our clients, develop that relationship, find out their goals, and put a plan into action.  

We employ a top of the line CRM (customer relationship management system) developed by us, our Concierge Service, and an abundance of amazing vendors to deliver the ultimate home buying/selling experience. These systems and companies coupled with our ability to retain that human interaction element, and most importantly, our clients are the reason we are ranked #1 by the Phoenix Business Journal.

As Leon Gavartin stated last week, we employ the Platinum Rule which is to treat people as they want to be treated. Not everyone thinks and acts the same. Someone may prefer all email communication instead of meeting up for a cup of coffee. How would you know this without having a conversation with them? In any case, always ask and never assume…Clients will thank you later.

If you are thinking about the possibility to upsize or downsize, The Jason Mitchell Group will be here to discuss your options and get you to the finish line all while delivering the ultimate home buying/selling experience.

We look forward to being of service to yourself and your families!

Michael Caldarelli



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