Weekend Real Estate: Accomplish Your Real Estate Goals with The Jason Mitchell Group

Chris Marx, The Jason Mitchell Group

This week, top-producing real estate sales consultant Chris Marx of The Jason Mitchell Group shares four reasons why you should never buy a home without an agent on your side. 

In the years that I have spent in this industry in many capacities and spanning 2 different states in 2 large and very different types of markets I have been able to be a part of a number of different cultures and systems. There are key components that need to exist to create a sustainable operation regardless of the market type or market condition.

Chris Marx, The Jason Mitchell Group

Currently, I am a member of The Jason Mitchell Group. The Jason Mitchell Group is a very cutting edge state of the art team that is always ahead of the curve so to speak. The Jason Mitchell Group leverages proven proprietary systems and leverages technology in order to run at peak performance at all times. Equally important to systems and technology is the culture and more importantly the mindset that exists and is expected in order to be a part of The Jason Mitchell Group. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with other elite groups and their systems and cultures but in today’s “normal” the systems and culture and overall mindset that this team stands for are second to none, making this the BEST place to be as an agent and if you are a prospective client you will want to work with an agent in this system because it is the BEST.

The BEST. That is a bold statement.

I will explain first why as an agent this place is the best. It is because of the systems that have been created and developed here and how today’s technology is leveraged and capitalized on it gives an agent the opportunity to do what their only endeavor should be. Helping as many clients as they can, accomplish their real estate goals through the buying and/or selling of houses. The systems that exist within the Jason Mitchell Group enable that to happen, the vast majority of my time as an agent is spent doing just that buying and selling house for clients and when that happens you help clients buy and sell A LOT.

If you are a client here is why an agent with The Jason Mitchell Group is the BEST. We do this A LOT. We sell a lot of homes which makes us very proficient at finding properties for buyers even when inventory is low and very proficient at finding buyers when we are trusted to sell your house for maximum value. We negotiate strong, firm and fair. I can tell you this because this is what I do as a member of The Jason Mitchell Group every day. Remember this #WhoYouWorkWithMatters

As a member of this group, focus and expectation to win, nothing less starts at the top with Jason and resonates through everyone involved. It is not a suggestion, it is THE expectation. As an agent because we have the systems that enable us to focus on only the important critical tasks in the process we are very proficient and so winning is a habit, we expect to win every time. The ultimate benefactors of those wins are our clients because of the win their real estate goals and dreams become a reality. Remember this #WhoYouWorkWithMatters

If you would like to chat, I would love the opportunity to be of service. Please feel free to call or text me directly 760-364-6067 or email me at cmarx@mitchellgroupca.com


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