These 3 Arizona Suburbs are Among the Best in the West, Report

Suburbs located near large cities offer a slower lifestyle, more affordable housing and lower crime rates than large cities, while still providing the benefit of easy access to the bustling excitement of urban living. 

To determine the best suburbs to live in near a large city, SmartAsset compared close to 500 U.S. suburbs located within 15 minutes to an hour of a large city by car across three categories: jobs, affordability and livability. 

Suburbs were also divided into specific regions of the U.S. to rank the top 15 suburbs in each region, including the Midwest, Northeast, and Southern and Western United States.

Out of the 109 suburbs that SmartAsset analyzed in the Western region, just five made the study’s overall top 100. Of these five suburbs, the highest ranking is Vail, Ariz. Placing at No. 35, Vail is also the only Western suburb to rank in the top 50 across all regions. The family-friendly rural community is within an hour of Tucson, Ariz. with a population of 14,099.

Two other Arizona communities near large cities also made the top 15 Western suburbs to live in: Sahuarita and Apache Junction. Sahuarita, Ariz. is just within an hour of Tucson, Ariz. as well, with a population of 30,679. It ranked No. 63 overall. Apache Junction, Ariz. is within an hour of the Greater Phoenix Metro area, with a population of 41,863 and ranking No. 70 overall in the study. 

While most Western suburbs ranked poorly compared to other U.S. regions, the majority of western suburbs scored well in the job category. More than a third of Western suburbs have a median household income higher than $100,000 and 13 suburbs have a median household income that doubles the national median of $64,994. 

Click here for the full SmartAsset report and the list of the top 10 U.S. suburbs of the study.

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