The Jason Mitchell Group: How Technology is Changing Real Estate

By The Jason Mitchell Group

The largest-ever survey of U.S. Companies finds real estate a top industry to work for in America. Are we surprised by this? No. Aside from real estate professionals being the most satisfied in the country, new technologies that are being made available to us are helping to pave the way for our success. This affects anyone looking to rent, buy, or sell real estate.

Where gaps once existed in the technology industry, the cloud is now changing the way we want, buy, and sell real estate. More specifically, two types of tech are becoming increasingly important. The first is mobile tools. For example, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets help agents to easily access information at anytime, anywhere. Because real estate agents are always on the road, these tools help to drive sales faster. Not only do mobile tools benefit real estate agents, consumers are also using these tools to search for new homes at increasing rates.

Just a few years ago, the largest gap in real estate technology was searching for listings on the Internet. Not anymore. Consumers are now able to access real estate listings easily and quickly with more targeted searches than ever before.

Another important type of technology changing the real estate game are tools for collaboration and sharing information quickly. This technology leads to faster, cleaner transactions between the real estate agent and buyer. Cloud-based apps are also helping agents to become more efficient. Apps like Dropbox have been huge for real estate professionals as it helps consumers to keep track of notes and files. For example, files like contracts and disclosures can easily be stored in one location and updated and viewed from any mobile device or computer. E-signature technology is also starting to gain popularity. This helps customers to get their documents signed quickly and easily via mobile tools such as smartphones and tablets.

Most agents and consumers have access to all of this technology, which can be overwhelming. Real estate technology is helping to make deals happen smoother and quicker, which in return, makes customer’s lives easier and drives more business in the form of referrals. Aside from the technology, real estate will always be a ‘people’ game.

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