Spring Cleaning 101: Closet Organization

Now that we’re a few weeks into spring, we simply can’t put off spring cleaning any longer. That is where Ashley Stewart of O.C.D (Organize. Create. Design) comes in. The home organizer extraordinaire gives up the top tips for organizing that overflowing closet of yours.

Take everything out! Sort clothes by style and season. This allows you to see everything you have.

Edit your items. Allocate space for four piles: Keep, Donate, Sell, Maybe. If you haven’t worn something in a long time, question the need for wanting to keep it. Realizing that you can sell it or donate it not only frees up space in your closet, but also frees up space in your mind. Reducing visual clutter reduces mental clutter.

Matching hangars. We love to use the nonslip velvet hangers.  They protect your clothing and line up perfectly in closets. No wire hangers!

Install clothes by category and color code. Tanks, short sleeve, long sleeve, pants, dresses, etc. Color coding your clothes not only makes finding “that one black top” but also gives your closet that “boutique feel.”

Use baskets to store seasonal items. We like to use baskets for scarves, gloves, bathing suits. Label, label, label.

Shelf dividers are essential to store handbags. Using shelf dividers stands handbags up so you can fit them on the shelf and, of course, see them better.

Use clear shoe boxes to store your shoes. Shoe boxes give longevity to your shoes and allow you to stack them.

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