Scottsdale is the Best City for Golfers, Report

Scottsdale remains as the best city for golfers, according to a recent study by LawnStarter.

The desert city landed first place on the list of the Best Cities for Golfers for the second year in a row, getting perfect scores in almost all of the ranking factors thanks to its high number of premium courses that offer quality play and training.

To determine the best cities for golfers, LawnStarter compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities across six categories, including public and premium course access, course quality, the number of golfer communities, as well as climate.

Scottsdale took the crown with an overall score of 64.82. It scored a “hole in one” in four out of the five categories—public course access, premium course access, training access and course quality—and earned an almost perfect score for its golfing community. The city also ranked relatively well for its climate due to its high percentage of sunshine throughout the year. 

When looking at course access, Scottsdale offers 9.47 public courses per 10,000 residents and 12.36 private courses per 10,000 residents, earning the top ranking in both categories. The city also offers a high number of eight golf resorts and ranks perfectly in course quality for both public and private play. In the training access category, Scottsdale earned another perfect score, offering 7.41 PGA golf coaches per 10,000 residents. The city also ranked No. 2 for community as it offers the second highest number of amateur golf competitions and tournaments.

To choose a course that is best suited for your game, Daniel Funk, Ph.D., suggests considering several factors including, your skill level, handicap accessibility, tee-box selection, your objectives for a round of golf, the course difficulty and length, as well as course reviews. You can also speak to local golfers to get an idea of which courses are best fit for your skill level and goals.  

To read the full report and see how other cities rank for golfers, click here.

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