New Palladiom Shading System from Wipliance and Lutron Electronics

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Wipliance is a full-service home automation provider and a recognized Diamond level dealer for Lutron lighting and shading control solutions, and it is excited to be the first and only dealer to offer the brand new, revolutionary Palladiom shading system to the Arizona market.

Automated window treatments offer quick control of natural light, allowing you to increase the comfort of a room to let in heat during the winter, block it in the summer- and create the perfect atmosphere year-round. The Palladiom shade system combines years of engineering research and uniquely crafted finishes to result in what is now the quietest, smoothest motorized window treatment available on the market today.

Sleek and sophisticated, the Palladiom design fits anywhere. With its quiet, smooth operation it makes a statement in whatever space it appears. Featuring a finely-crafted exposed bracket system, this roller shade can handle a 12-by-12-foot opening with a startlingly slim carbon-fiber tube that is remarkably rigid, yet light as a feather. This results in maximum strength with a minimum profile.

With design features such as hand-crafted brushed nickel finishes, a uniquely designed bottom rail that disappears out of sight, and the powerful performance of the industry leader for motorized window treatments, Palladiom is a product to consider for your next design project. Combine Palladiom with one of Lutron’s industry leading lighting control solutions and experience total control of natural and electrical light for optimal convenience and efficiency.

This collection is exclusively available through Lutron Palladiom qualified dealers. Wipliance is proud to be the first in the industry to present this to the Valley of the Sun. For a consultation to learn more about Palladiom and other Lutron lighting and shading control solutions, contact Wipliance at 480.771.5500 or at

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