Magniflex Offer a Lavender-Scented Aromatherapy Mattress

Having trouble sleeping? Like the scent of lavender? Well, you might want to try this new aromatherapy mattress from Magniflex.


Magniflex, manufacturer of the world’s most luxurious, environmentally-friendly sleep products, has introduced the exclusive aromatherapy mattress at its showroom in SoHo, New York. Lavender Comfort is part of the company’s new homeopathic collection which brings the holistic benefits of essential oils from plants such as chamomile, rose and calendula, to bedding.
“Europeans have long embraced homeopathy and the use of medicinal plants — the original source of modern medicine — for health and wellness, but our Lavender mattress also satisfies the diverse tastes of our growing international market,” said Marco Magni, global sales director for Magniflex.
“Lavender is widely accepted for its soothing, natural sedative and antibacterial properties, and many other medicinal plant oils have the ability to contribute to a better night’s rest. We are excited to be at the forefront of this technology.”
The essential oils of lavender on the mattress covering offer many benefits to contribute to deep, relaxing sleep. Using nanotechnology, millions of microcapsules of lavender are infused into the mattress’ covering fabric. Upon contact with the skin, some of the microcapsules break, releasing the pleasing natural aroma of lavender to encourage relaxation. In addition, the natural anti-bacterial properties of lavender contribute to the mattress’ hygienic qualities.
Lavender Comfort is a two-sided mattress that offers customizable comfort, with one side offering firmer support and the other offering a softer, more plush feel. Under the Lavender fabric is a high-performance Elioform® core, the company’s eco-friendly, open-cell memory foam. This breathable orthopedic foam material has a dense composition to properly support the head, neck and spine. Also layered into the core is Eliosoft® foam, a softer, shape-conforming foam which adds flexibility and cradling support.
As with all Magniflex mattress collections, Lavender Comfort is made of non-toxic materials and is highly durable. This exclusive, high-tech mattress will retail for $1,899 in queen and is available at the company’s newly-expanded showroom in SoHo at 59 Crosby St. in New York. Or check out

  1. I have one question: How long does it take to break all the lavender capsules? One month, four months, one year…

  2. I bought a new Stearns & Foster not too long ago and to date I want to own up that it became dough well expended. I was a bit wary about spending so much on a mattress in the beginning!

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