Is Technology Changing the Mold of Traditional Real Estate?

As technology expands through the real estate industry, we are seeing more and more companies trying to change the mold of how homes are bought and sold. There is no doubt that the industry has benefited from some of these improved efficient technologies. The availability of online listings, 3D tours, e-signing documents, and apps used for keys, shows the real estate transaction has gone completely mobile-centric. The access to information, client services, and expectations are much different then they were five years ago. Traditional real estate was based on relationships and service.

Our team prides itself on providing a world-class real estate experience that is incomparable to anything in the marketplace. The Jason Mitchell Group was voted No. 1 team in Arizona by the Phoenix Business Journal in 2018. What makes us the best? Its simple. Our talent, our model, and our partners. From choosing a mortgage lender in the very beginning, all the way to scheduling a moving service, we have a referral for you. From start to finish, the commitment, dedication and professionalism is evident. The personal interaction is focused on every client’s individual needs. Technology does not replace the face-to- face time spent with our clients.The trust built between a client and an agent can’t be duplicated by technology.

Our goal is to continue the core values of traditional real estate, while implementing new technologies as a tool. I’m sure many of you have heard of I-buyers. For example, OpenDoor, Offer-Pad, Zillow and Redfin. These companies buy homes under market, renovate them, and list them again. These transactions are typically all done through an online portal and have no seller experience. Sellers are directed to go through the motions via email, or communicated to by multiple representatives. It is our job as real estate agents to educate the client on the value of their home and to direct them through the process. We use our market analysis of the property to compare to the I-buyer’s offer. We show our clients how much more money they can net by listing with us.

Buying a home is typically one of the largest purchases a person makes in their lifetime. As an agent of the Jason Mitchell group, I want to find out your goals, lead you confidently through the process, and create a home buying experience you will never forget. The guidance, knowledge, and interaction is priceless.
If you are considering buying a home this year, please feel free to reach out to Elizabeth Shackelford with The Jason Mitchell Group for more information on how to start the process.
–Elizabeth Shackelford
P: 480.268.6471

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