How to Get Your Tech in Order for 2019

While it’s important to make resolutions to be your best self in the new year, it is also vital to get your technology in order, too. Here, president of itSynergy in Phoenix, Michael Cocanower, gives tips for get your tech in shipshape in 2019.

Studies show it takes 21 days to form a habit, and we’re a month into the new year. Sadly, many people have already given up on fitness and health-related resolutions by this point. In fact, 80 percent of resolutions are broken by February, according to Business Insider.  So since you’ve already abandoned your personal fitness resolution, how about replacing it with something new so you can still feel a sense of accomplishment?  My suggestion – get your tech world in shape with a few easy and quick steps.

First, start out by changing all of your passwords. Set up a different password for every site. My favorite site for coming up with new passwords is I’d recommend at least 12 characters.

I know what you’re probably saying – yeah, right – I’ll change all those passwords and then promptly forget them all since there is no way I can remember a different password for every site.  Well, don’t fret and don’t write them all down (either digitally or physically).  Instead, get yourself a new password management tool to keep track of them all.  LastPass and Dashlane are two of the biggest ones (there are other choices too).  Sign up for an account and store all of those new passwords there. Then, install the corresponding app on your mobile devices to give you access to your passwords there as well.

Next, take a minute to ensure all of your updates are installed. On your computer, use Windows Update or System Preferences. Don’t forget to update all of the applications on your computer as well by using the program’s update feature. On your mobile devices, check for both system updates and app updates.

Finally, dig around in the security settings for all of your favorite websites (Amazon, PayPal, Gmail, Dropbox, etc.) and turn on Two Factor (or multi-factor) authentication. This requires you to provide more than just a password to log on.  Maybe a code from a text message, responding to a pop up from an app on your phone, etc.

The good news is these simple tasks can all be accomplished while sitting on the couch binge watching your favorite new series. While the fitness goal may have been rescheduled until next year, at least you can brag to your friends about how you’ve accomplished your resolution and how much more secure your tech world is in 2019!

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