Best Paint Colors for Selling Your Home in 2022

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One of the essential touches to make your house market-ready is the visuals. The best paint colors to grab buyers’ attention will make your home appear neutral, open and attractive. A recent poll by was voted on by house designers to figure out the best paint colors to promote your house and bring in interested buyers.

Interior walls

Whites & Creams

Along with the rest of this list, whites and creams offer your potential buyers a neutral view of your home, making it easier to picture it as their own. Think of it as a clean slate with the opportunity to be altered and customized. Light colors also open up the room and make it appear larger, both in listing photos and in person. revealed that 81% of designers prefer whites and creams for “colors that sell.”

Warm Neutrals

Colors like tan and beige received 36% of the votes from designers. Warm neutrals have the power to make rooms appear cozy and comfortable. They have a welcoming atmosphere, especially in cooler climates.

Shades of Gray

Gray might sound like a less interesting choice to paint your house’s interior but it actually steals 14% of the votes, only 1% behind soft warm colors that got 13%. The great thing about gray is its versatile shade choices. There are 136 different shades of gray to choose from. Gray is a great choice for decorating because nearly every other color canand be matched with it.

Soft Warm Colors

Walls painted in sage greens and warm browns reflect the natural environment of the property’s surroundings. There are plenty of classy and homey decorative styles on sites like Pinterest and Houzz that give ideas for rooms with these soft warm colors (these sites can offer inspiration for all your home paint projects.)

Soft Cool Colors

Last but definitely not least, colors like light blues, soft greens and lilac were voted by 6% of the designers. These unique shades require some more creative effort for decorations, furniture, rugs, etc. Once again, Pinterest and Houzz are great tools to gather room decor ideas that will complement soft cool colors.

Exterior walls


For the outside walls of your house, 58% of Fixr designers voted white. The nice thing about a white house is that it matches every environment. Whether you’re smack dab in the middle of the desert, in a quaint suburban neighborhood, or in the woodlands of Prescott, Ariz., a white home is sure to fit right in.


Off-white houses are recommended by 41% of voters on Fixr. Especially in the Valley, off-white can be a nice middle ground between desert landscapes and vibrant palm trees. Off-white houses also offer a nice neutral color that still makes white shutters or windows stand out. 

Natural Wood Stains

Not as commonly seen but not surprisingly marketable are natural wood-stained homes. This paint choice gained the vote of 27% of the designers. A beautiful and rustic choice, this is the kind of home that would be perfect in a wooded area. Because there aren’t as many houses on the market with natural wood stains it can make your home stand out to buyers.


At 20% of the votes, gray isn’t far off from natural wood stains. Gray goes well with a lot of other colors so it’s no surprise that it makes the rankings for exterior paint colors. White shutters, red doors, brickwork…really anything will look nice with a gray house.


Of all the colors in the world, tan still made it in the top five choices (voted by 11% to be precise). A tan house reflects the natural world around it. Whether it’s the sandy landscapes, bronze sunsets, or the bark of surrounding acacias, this color blends in with nature and offers a more neutral appearance.

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