Zillow’s 5 Must-Have Home Features for 2023

Multi-functional kitchen islands are in for 2023

Goodbye, walk-in closets and hello, mirrored walls. Zillow has named the top home features that will be trending this year according to current for-sale listings and homeowners’ priorities. Here are Zillow’s five must-have home features to watch in 2023. 

1. Backyards

Backyards will be the new luxury for home buyers this year, Zillow says, and will be utilized with outdoor home gyms, natural pools and plants, edible gardens, as well as spaces for outdoor dining, lounging and reflection. Backyards are now highlighted in one out of every five Zillow listing descriptions, and mentions of patios and pools went up by more than 13% and 11% respectively in 2022.   

2. Multi-functional Kitchen Islands

A spacious kitchen island that can seamlessly change from a breakfast bar or dinner prep station to a study area is proving to be a homeowner’s must-have in 2023. Mentions of this multi-functional feature increased by 19% in Zillow listings this year. Not only will kitchen islands replace the formal dining table in 2023, they will also steal the attention in the room. Zillow expects islands to stand out in the kitchen with a mix of color combinations, wood stains, countertop materials and metal fixtures, or even incorporate repurposed furniture like vintage tables. 

3. Mirrored Walls

This throwback feature is making a comeback in 2023, with mirrored walls or ceilings now appearing 12% more often in Zillow listing descriptions. Reflective surfaces are a great way to make smaller areas and rooms feel more spacious and bright, and when incorporated in unique patterns and grids, can create an antique or Parisian feel.

4. Privacy

The want for privacy has increased among homeowners and buyers following the pandemic when families and relatives were living, schooling and working in the same space. Therefore, homes with floor plans that offer separated rooms and spaces for quiet reading and uninterrupted zoom calls are going to be preferred in 2023.

5. Renovations

Young homeowners will lead a new wave of pandemic-era renovation boom in 2023, according to Zillow. A new Zillow survey found that 48% of homeowners younger than 40 have tapped into their home equity in the past two years to pay for home improvement projects but 90% of those who borrowed money have yet to spend it. 2023 may just be the year these young homeowners complete all their renovation projects lined up, which most likely focus on investing in more sustainable, smart-home systems that save money and the environment.

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