Water Softening Tips from “The Cousins”

As the temps get higher and higher in the Valley, so does our water usage. Here, HGTV stars, The Cousins, discuss how to combat hard water (and its effects on your hair, clothing, dishware and more) in Arizona this summer.

How does hard water affect the skin and hair?

Hard water is a large reason why your skin and hair are very dry when you come out of the shower.  The hard minerals have a negative impact on your beauty routine while you are in the bathroom. If your hair is difficult to lather with soap and your skin is flakey then you need to test for hard water.

What about dishes and clothes?

Many people are always complaining that their dishes are constantly spotty when taking them out of the dishwasher.  Again this is the work of hard water and needs to be tested.  The same goes for your laundry if it feels stiff and not soft to the touch more than likely hard water is the culprit again.

What signs should a homeowner look out for that hard water is affecting their home?

If your dishes/glassware are spotty, laundry is stiff, hair and skin are constantly dry, faucets have mineral build up, water has a metallic taste, and shower glass has constant water spots, then you have hard water.  It is so easy to test and Morton Salt will give you free test strips to test your homes water. Just visit www.MortonSalt.com to receive your free test strips.

Why is a water-softening system a good idea? Does living in Arizona make it more of a necessity?

Water softening is a good idea because hard water effects your entire home form things you see to things you do not see behind the walls. Appliances will break down faster and rust build up will happen behind the walls if hard water is not dealt with. Morton Clean and Protect Plus Rust Defense will help stop these issues. Arizona is one of the states that does have hard water and the problem needs to be addressed.  People living in Arizona should not think their hard water is not the norm because it is since 85 percent of the country has it.

What goes into the maintenance of a water-softening system?

The maintenance of the water softener could not be easier.  All it takes is two bags of Morton water softener salt every two months, and that’s it!

In what ways can a homeowner lengthen the life of the system?

Homeowners need to constantly maintain their homes so systems do not break down and cost them more money.  If you want your appliances, fixtures, and hot water heater to last longer than a water softener is a necessity in your home.

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