Top 13 Most Popular Quartz Countertop Colors Of 2021

samples of quartz agglomerate for kitchen countertops.

One of the best ways to show off the tone and style of your space is through countertops. Few materials match quartz at that. In addition to its durability, ease of maintenance, and resistance to stains, cracks, and scratches, this manufactured stone has a nearly endless array of colors and patterns.

While this offers endless versatility, it doesn’t make picking the right slab any easier. The best and easiest place to start your search is to look at Caesarstone for the most preferred color palettes, then choosing the color that matches your desired aesthetic will be easier.

This guide offers you the most popular quartz countertop colors to consider for your next countertop remodel.

Let’s get to it!

White Quartz Countertops

White quartz countertops are among the most preferred countertops for the modern kitchen. They can elevate your space to steal the attention of your guests. Besides, it’s hard to go wrong with white quartz countertops. 

Here’s why: 

Brighten your space

If you have dark cabinets or a space with less natural light, white quartz countertops will bring in a bright and inviting vibe. Even better, if you have a small space, the white countertops will make it feel large because of the white’s reflective properties


White is not only beautiful but evokes a sense of timelessness and class. White color in kitchen countertops, for instance, strikes a sense of pure elegance, which never loses its appeal. If you like a space that feels clean, pure, and neat, white is for you. 

If you’re just thinking about whites, you may fear that dirt will show more conspicuously and stain fast on a white surface. However, this is where the quartz properties come to play. Quartz countertops (regardless of the color) are more resistant to staining due to quartz’s non-porous nature. The material is easy to clean and will maintain its solid color. 

Versatile appeal

White countertops pair perfectly with any décor. As you’re adding new elements to your new home, white countertops will pair well with them. Whether that’s for your kitchen or bathroom, white will go well with almost any color with no need to change your existing décor and accessories. 

An array of choices

Choosing white doesn’t mean only going for pure white. White quartz countertops come in a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. The veining in most whites adds subtle movements and a sense of drama to liven your space. 

  • Pure white: Offers the perfect white surface with a super smooth flow.
  • Arabetto: An impressive crisp white surface with dynamic grey stripes and speckles.
  • Cosmopolitan white: Elegant with its cream-colored surface, this color vividly brings out the delicate mesh of speckles and streaks.  
  • Statuario Maximus: Add a class of elegance with feathered white ground and light-grey veins.
  • Eggshell: The speckled off-whites on the white surfaces bring a neutral and calm feel.
Grey Quartz Countertops

Grey countertops are one of the most popular countertops for a good reason. Why consider grey quartz countertops?

Neutral and relaxed appeal

Grey quartz countertops are perfect to achieve a neutral tone in your space. This color will come in handy if you’re looking to create a traditional or contemporary style and atmosphere in your home.

Versatile appeal

Grey color works with any wall and cabinet color. What will influence your choice is the overall aesthetic you’re looking to achieve. If you’re looking to lighten your space, go for the light (nearly white) shade of grey. Don’t be afraid to test out your creative design to create an adventurous design with grey quartz countertops.

Bright your small space

Just like white, a lighter shade of grey, such as white grey, will create an illusion of a big space. For a larger space, a darker shade will give your space more depth. 

  • Coastal grey: This achieves a ‘water splashing on a stone look’ with the perfect markings of black and white. Choose a coastal grey quartz countertop for the best contrast, especially with a pure white backsplash. 
  • London grey: For a more classic, marble-style look, this one’s for you. 
  • Airy concrete: This quartz stone will achieve a deeply textured surface filled with concrete feel and hues. 
  • Flannel grey: To pair perfectly with stainless steel surfaces in a modern kitchen. 
  • Calacatta Nuvo: This stunning quartz is perfectly veined in grey to achieve a luxurious feel. 
Black Quartz Countertops

We can’t explore the most preferred quartz countertops and not include black countertops. You’ll be amazed at the outcome of these countertops that have taken the world by storm.  

So, why consider black quartz countertops?

Beauty and class

Let’s face it: black is elegant. It’s a sure way to make a dramatic statement about your space. Without a doubt, if you choose your pattern well, the results will be stunning. Use the black color to transform your kitchen or bathroom into a one-of-a-kind work of art. Pair it with elegant white or light black colors and you’ll create a dynamic look for your space.  


No color will create a sophisticated, and especially expensive-looking, feel like black. If you’re looking to create a luxurious feel in your bathroom or kitchen, the black quartz will get the job done. Go for the black quartz countertops to add an extra layer of modern and daring atmosphere in your kitchen. 

Low maintenance

Looking for worry-free maintenance counters? With black quartz countertops, you’ll worry less about high maintenance.   

  • Cambria black: Filled with barely visible flecks, this quartz surface offers a uniform pattern that exudes timelessness.
  • Sparkling black: True to its name, this quartz glints under the light to vivid tiny speckles and perfectly makes a statement, especially for a kitchen island.
  • Jet black: This exquisite black quartz is highlighted with a subtle pattern creating a sophisticated sleek surface.
  • Vanilla Noir: To achieve a sophisticated veining that makes a bold statement, choose Vanilla Noir.  

The right quartz countertop colors and designs will transform your space to match your desired tone and feel. These most popular quartz countertop colors of 2021 will narrow down the options among the numerous quartz countertops on the market. Armed with that, you have the freedom to choose the color that matches the desired aesthetic of your space.  

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