This is the Hottest Interior Design Style Taking Over Arizona

Example of a Modern Farmhouse interior design

In the world of home decoration, choosing the perfect interior design can transform a bland space into a charming and inviting home. As a result, Americans invest considerable time and effort into selecting a style that resonates with their personal taste and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Yet, across the vast landscape of design choices available, certain styles have emerged as the frontrunners. Let’s discover the design trends that are sweeping the nation this year.

Interior design studio Hovia conducted a study analyzing Google Trends data across over 575 search terms relating to 25 interior design styles to unveil the most popular style in each state. Among the myriad of options, one style has emerged as the most popular, captivating homeowners across the United States: Modern Farmhouse. 

Modern Farmhouse came in as the top style across a staggering 32 states. In Texas, Google searches for the term were the highest, with nearly 8,647 monthly inquiries, followed by Ohio’s 3,717 searches and 3,497 in North Carolina. Locally, Modern Farmhouse was also deemed the favorite among Arizonans.

Example of a Modern Farmhouse interior design

Modern Farmhouse offers a fresh take on country-style homes, with a clean modern aesthetic. The style embraces white or light color palettes, featuring elements such as pottery, wooden furnishings, rattan baskets and earth-toned decor. Designers tend to incorporate vaulted ceilings and large verandas into spaces, while maintaining the style’s neutral theme onto the deck.

Americans have been particularly drawn to the Modern Farmhouse design through its prevalence in pop culture. The style’s frequency on social media, television and movies provides homeowners inspiration in designing their own unique takes on the style. The farmhouse roots of the style symbolize family values, hard work and simplicity, uniting Americans in a beautiful design representative of shared values.

“It is exciting to see just how desirable the Modern Farmhouse style of interior design is across the US, with it being the landslide winner in popularity. It is also interesting to notice regionally how many states’ locations have had their design preferences influenced by seasonal trends,” said a Hovia expert.

Example of a Modern Farmhouse interior design

While Modern Farmhouse was universally admired, other states enjoyed a multitude of unique styles. In Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada and New Mexico, Feng Shui helps homeowners achieve yin-yang. The Chinese design style strives for harmony and balance, helping homeowners to improve their organization and make their spaces feel more natural. 

In Montana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Wyoming, Rustic designers incorporate natural textures, like stone, wood and metal. Similarly, the Coastal style is also inspired by  the natural world, with beach-style decorations in light shades of green and blue. 

A Hovia researcher commented, “Overall, remembering to surround yourself in a space where you feel the most comfortable and relaxed is the perfect scenario to indulge in a happy and positive life, which is why it is so important to many Americans looking to decorate their homes that they make the right choice for both their home and themselves.”

While Americans love many different styles, it is certain that the process of interior design brings us all together in curating spaces that represent who we are and the values we hold. For more design inspo, visit

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