Quick and Easy Design Tips from Francine Gardner


Francine Gardner, owner and founder of Intrieurs, is an internationally renowned Interior Designer with showrooms and design studios in Tribeca and West Hollywood. A-List celebrities seek out Francine’s expertise and collections because of her chic, comfortable and eco-sensible style. No matter how big or small the project, Francine always finds a way to inspire her clients to add their own personality when decorating their homes.

To update your home with the change of the season, Francine recommends a few easy and affordable tips:

1. Perk it Up with Accessories: Changing your room’s accessories can be an easy way to reflect the season and revitalize your décor with minimal cost. With summer coming, enhance your room with throw pillows and rugs of pretty floral and solid light colors. Remember to keep your darker colored and striped accessories on hand, as they are ideal for the fall.
2. Fresh Walls, Fresh Look: For a fresh summer look, paint your walls with a new white coat. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try some warm colors, like peach, rose or light yellow. For fall, paint your walls a cooler color, such as light green, pale blue or beige. Also try changing your artwork to reflect these colors as a simpler method to keep your home up-to-date with the season.
3. Give your Couch an Alter Ego: The proper slipcover can make your furniture look new in an instant. Use a crisp cotton or linen slipcover in a light, airy color for summer. For fall, use a deeper color of brushed cotton, velvet or wool.
4. Flower Power Your Home: Buy an inexpensive mixed bouquet from your local store for an easy, refreshing look. In summer, buy a bouquet of dahlias mixed with ivy. In the fall, pick bouquets that are bright, bold and rich. Calla lilies, hydrangeas and deep colored roses are particularly ideal for autumn.
5. Style yet Soothe Your Bedroom: If you have a wood floor in your bedroom, remove your rugs to make your room feel fresh and open. Use white bedding, particularly linen embroidered sheets, to enhance the summer feel of your bedroom. Cotton fabrics of subtle colors are perfect for autumn bedding.
With minor changes to one’s personal space, people can find themselves completely rejuvenated.

  1. those are some really pretty rooms. i wish i could have an interior designer come to my house and fix it all up like in the magazines.

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