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Company Bio:

PHX Architecture is a leader in custom residential, commercial, clubhouse and hospitality, and restaurant design. They have a diverse team of talented professionals joined together by a common passion for detail and inventive design. The team is experienced in all aspects of architectural design and specialized in a wide range of building styles and types, along with committed to delivering the highest architectural standards on schedule and on budget. The PHX Team has enjoyed numerous achievements including winning the “Best of Our Valley” by Arizona Foothills Magazine. Our design concepts continually adapt, conform and most importantly—respond to each project’s unique characteristics. PHX Architecture defines architecture as a space that harmoniously combines site, form, functionality and the human scale, creating the connective link between the surrounding environment and the client’s goals and vision.


Erik B Peterson AIA





City you live in:


Where were you born? 

Chicago, IL

What made you realize you wanted to be an architect? 

Watching This Old House on PBS with my father.

My favorite thing about Arizona…


What inspires you?

Client’s Dreams & Nature

Describe your favorite project that you have completed:

The Bench at The Lodge at Pebble Beach — an iconic restaurant in the historic lodge overlooking the famous 18th hole green and bay.

What is your favorite type of space to design? 

I love gathering spaces – either in a private home or in a huge resort.

Have you ever teamed up and worked with other designers? If so, describe that experience. 

Always – our work is collaborative. I never believe that I know everything. We feed off of the inspiration of each other and it produces a better concept.

My first design job was…

A Caddie at the Park Ridge Country Club. It was right out of the movie Caddie Shack. My first day I was assigned the equivalent of Rodney Dangerfield and his larger-than-life golf bag.

I’m currently working on…

The Ritz-Carlton Paradise Valley Homes.

What is your dream design project?

Designing an Opera House.

What do you have planned for the future of your business? 

Continue to provide the very best experience in award winning architecture – stay small and unique and provide five-star care.

The one person who motivates me is…

My wife – her faith and love through good times and bad continually motivates me to get up each day and do my best.

Who is a designer that inspires you and why?

Richard Landry – known as architect to the stars and AD100 top 100 architects. Leads an amazing firm in LA producing stunning estates.

What is your favorite luxury brand?

Ralph Lauren – from personal style to home design he has continual been able to stay above the trends and be a trend setter throughout the years. 

Favorite quote?

“Love is the virtue of the Heart; Sincerity the virtue of the Mind; Courage the virtue of the Spirit; Decision the virtue of the Will.” -Frank Lloyd Wright

Who would you like to have lunch with if it could be anyone?

Alive … Richard Branson or Ralph Lauren

Dead … Frank Lloyd Wright or Mozart










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