4 Creative Concrete Floors to Take Your Home to the Next Level

For many of us, concrete floors are synonymous with industrial spaces: they’re drab, gray and unexciting. Concrete may be durable, but can it really work in a home? The answer is a resounding “yes!”

With an array of coatings, stains, sealers and specialized equipment, concrete provides an abundance of flexible and aesthetic options. From sleek, polished kitchen floors to attention-grabbing, metallic epoxy coatings in the garage, concrete offers something for every room in the house.

  • Polished Concrete Floors

To complete a contemporary or industrial look, try polished concrete. Many homeowners are attracted to polished concrete floors because they require minimal maintenance, but create striking aesthetics – a perfect combination.

However, polished concrete isn’t limited to the classic gray color. If you want to get creative, it’s possible to add stains or patterns to polished concrete floors.

  • Metallic Stains

If you’re looking to create an eye-catching space that stands the test of time, metallic epoxy coatings are the perfect fit. Whether you want to show off a luxury car collection in your garage or add a finishing touch to an interior space, metallic coatings offer endless possibilities. Try subtle, earthy tones or vibrant color combinations.

Metallics aren’t just pretty, though. Installed in three layers, these coatings stand up to years of wear and tear when properly maintained.

  • Faux Wood

Faux wood tile is a common alternative to real wood, but did you know it’s possible to create the look of wood with concrete? Decorative overlays and concrete stamps enable you to install wood-like flooring that’s more durable and affordable, easier to maintain and lasts longer. Avoid scratching, wood polishing or broken tiles with this easygoing flooring option. You have seemingly endless options when it comes to color, too.

  • Grind and Seal

If you’re after a rustic looking floor, grind and seal is for you. A cost-effective alternative to polished concrete, the grind and seal method exposes the small stones in the concrete’s aggregate, which is sealed with a clear epoxy coating. Like concrete polishing, grind and seal floors are durable and long-lasting, requiring minimal maintenance.

Whatever your home remodeling plans, concrete floors can help you create a modern, one-of-a-kind space. Work with a skilled concrete coatings contractor who can help brainstorm design options, offer maintenance tips and ensure your flooring is installed correctly. —Leane Owen, president of Phoenix-based Tenec Coatings, offering concrete coatings installation, concrete polishing, flooring removal and other specialty services

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