Best of Our Valley Spotlight: Olga Brow Studio, ‘Best Waxing’

Olga Brow Studio

Each week, we’ll be highlighting individual winners from Best of Our Valley 2018, who share their advice, insights and thoughts on what it means to be a part of this exclusive list.

Olga Brow Studio

The Best of spotlight is on Olga Brow Studio, who claimed the Valley’s Best Waxing. Congrats, Olga Brow Studio!

AFM: In a brief 2-3 sentences, please tell us a little bit about you!
Olga Brow Studio (OBS):
Olga Brow Studio was created as a result of my passion for beauty and love for precision. Our brow artists are trained by me and they share the same affection for style and fashion. We don’t just wax eyebrows, we give an eyebrow changing experience to give you natural but impactful brows. Our philosophy of tweezing, waxing and trimming always creates flawless perfection for your individual look. We love what we do and we care for our clients.

AFM: What does it mean to you to be a Best of Our Valley winner?
OBS: It means that we even have to work harder to be able to live up to the award received, and set expectation as the best of the Valley waxing studio. 

AFM: What’s your favorite part about being the Best of Our Valley’s Best Waxing?
OBS: It is great feeling to know, that so many clients raised their voices and selected our studio as Best of the Valley. And the best part is that they are keep coming back for more, and I am truly grateful for that.

AFM: What advice would you give to others to be the “best” in your field?  
OBS: Be passionate about what you do, and truly care for your clients. This will gain you amazing followers who will in return do anything for you.

AFM: Have you seen any benefits as a result of being a BOOV winner?
OBS: We gained new clients who were very curious about trying us out and giving us a chance simply as they have noticed us being featured in the magazine.

AFM: How do you put your “best” foot forward every day?
OBS: In back of my mind I always look for ways to deliver on our mission, to provide the ultimate brow experience for every single guest. This commitment and pursuit of excellence helps me and my team to put the best foot forward each and every day.

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