Best of Our Valley Spotlight: Greasepaint Youth Theater, ‘Best Children’s Theater’

For over the past 20 years, we’ve celebrated the Valley’s best. From the top businesses and professionals to the people who make it all happen, Arizona Foothills Magazine’s annual Best of Our Valley contest recognizes Arizona’s crème de la crème across more than 400 categories. From the best doctors and best resort down to the best cup of coffee you can find around town, each Best of titleholder is chosen by those who know the city best – our readers.

Each week, we’ll be highlighting individual winners from Best of Our Valley 2018, who share their advice, insights and thoughts on what it means to be a part of this exclusive list.

Greasepaint Youth Theater

The Best of spotlight is on Greasepaint Youth Theater, who claimed the Valley’s Best Children’s Theater. Congrats, Greasepaint Youth Theater!

AFM: In a brief 2-3 sentences, please tell us a little bit about Greasepaint Youth Theater 
Greasepaint Youth Theater (GYT): Greasepaint has been performing since 1984!  We are a Youtheatre that prides itself on the quality of our shows and training!  Alums are on Broadway, working in television and film and managing their own theatre companies!!  Many more are doctors, lawyers, teachers and parents who are lovers of the performing arts because of their experiences here as youth.  We hire more than 40 professionals each year to work with youth ages 6-19 on the craft of theatre, including voice, dance and acting! Our shows have garnered hundreds of Awards, both Zoni and NYA.

AFM: What does it mean to you to be a Best of Our Valley winner?
 We are thrilled to be acknowledged as a Best Of The Valley Winner!  It’s a wonderful designation to share with our new and returning families!  It means a lot to be recognized for our hard work!

AFM: What’s your favorite part about being the Best of Our Valley’s Best Children’s Theater?
 Being voted Best Of Our Valley’s Best Children’s Theatre is something that we are proud to share – it lets everyone know that we are committed to their kids!  The plaques are also proudly displayed in our lobby- we get lots of comments about the designation!

AFM: What advice would you give to others to be the “best” in your field?
 Get the word out when you are nominated!  Our families love to rally friends to support their theatre home!  We work hard every day – our artistic staff and our families to keep Greasepaint a place that feels like a second home to their kids – an inclusive, welcoming and safe space for kids to be kids!

AFM: Have you seen any benefits as a result of being a BOOV winner?
 We do!  We have reached new families in the Valley who found us through the AZ Foothills BOOV magazine issue!  And we are proud to share that designation on our website, in our programs and advertising materials!

AFM: How do you put your “best” foot forward every day?
 We remember our mission and we work every day to stay true to that mission. Greasepaint works to add value to our community, doing outreach to Title IV schools, other non profit organizations as well as senior centers and hospitals.  We believe reaching out to our community is essential to what we do. Each cast takes on a community outreach project, insuring that we all assist other organization in the Valley with fundraising, free performances and field trips!

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