Top Celebrity Twitter 2015: LadyLa


With one of the most recognizable voices in the Valley on radio station LIVE 101.5, you voted LadyLa 2015’s Top Celebrity Twitter, coming in first with 10.26% over her closest competitor.

Top Celebrity Twitter

 We asked LadyLa a few questions over her hobbies, passions, and Twitter feed, of course!

Age: 29

City you live in: Phoenix, AZ

Job: ON AIR radio & TV personality/ Travel Writer

A typical day in my life includes… waking up at 4am / meetings /workout / cook at home / fellowship

The closest person to me is… that’s tough! I have a very blessed and strong circle, they know who they are.

Pets? Two Mini Doxies, named Ume & Bento…you can see them on Instagram!

I tweet… notes to myself and radio related celebrity news.

My favorite twitter account I follow is… Christian recording artist Lecrae.


If someone were to follow me on twitter, they would see… lots of cool moments with celebrities, and FOOD!

My favorite person that I’ve met was… Manny Pacquiao or Sam Hunt.

In my free time, I… cook for people I love & travel to collect sunset pictures.

Something I have not tried yet that I would love to is… hot air balloon riding.

I would love to visit… Bali, Exuma, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Something you may not know about me is… I am afraid of cockroaches.

The best piece of advice that I have ever received was… “If you’re going to pray why worry, and if you’re going to worry why pray?”

In the future… I’d like my life to reflect the love and mercy I have received from the Lord.


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