Favorite Valley Dad: Dr. Toufic Kachaamy

Dr. Toufic Kachaamy has two important jobs: that of an expert gastroenterologist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, where he conducts advanced endoscopic procedures for adult cancer patients, and being a wonderful father to three beautiful sons: Luka, 10, Leo, 7, and Elias, 5, whom he shares with his wife, Hannah.

“I have been fortunate to win many awards in my lifetime; this award is the most meaningful because family is the most important part of my life,” says Dr. Kachaamy on his Best of Our Valley recognition. “Everything I do is to make sure my family is well taken care of and that my kids grow up to be kind, happy, healthy and hardworking citizens.

Dr. Toufic Kachaamy with his wife, Hannah, and children, Luka, Leo and Elias

AFM: What’s the most rewarding part of being a dad?

Dr. Kachaamy: My favorite part of fatherhood is watching our children overcome a difficulty and learn a new skill. For example, I have been trying to teach my boys to ski. I’ve been coaching my son, Leo, and actively working on helping him gain confidence. It paid off when we went skiing over winter break. Watching Leo take on the slopes with courage and hearing him motivate himself with positive self-talk was so rewarding that I took a video and kept replaying it over and over. It brought me so much joy and pride.

AFM: Because you are an incredible doctor, your kids must think you’re a superhero! What’s your
favorite part of your job?

Dr. Kachaamy: For my boys, I am Dad who carries them when they are tired and makes their favorite homemade stews. They occasionally ask about work and get very excited when they see me on TV. I know they are very proud of me and often tell their friends about me. My favorite part of my job is that I am able to make a positive difference in people’s lives and show them how special they are to me and my team.

AFM: What are you looking forward to next—both personally and professionally?

Dr. Kachaamy: Professionally, I am looking at having a greater impact on the community and becoming a bigger part of cancer care in Arizona now that Cancer Treatment Centers of America is part of City of Hope. On a personal level, we are hopeful to travel again and spend quality time together as a family, creating lasting memories and positive experiences for my boys. Now that I have been honored as “Favorite Valley Dad,” my wife is advocating that we take a family trip to Latin America to celebrate!

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