Steve Kraus: Favorite Valley Dad

By Melissa Larsen

From the most influential educators and businesspeople to the biggest trendsetters and tastemakers, these locals are tops when it comes to making the Valley the best place to call home.

Favorite Valley Dad: Steve Kraus, Owner and Founder of Press Coffee Roasters and Press Coffee Food & Wine

Tell me about your day-to- day. My days are started by waking up and getting my kids [2-year- old twins, Zachary and Zoey] dressed, fed and ready to go. Then I’ll have various things planned from operations duties at one the stores, business development with my partner and just day-to- day meetings with new and current customers. I will usually visit the stores to see the staff, talk to customers and drink some coffee. I end my days with a workout and kissing my kids just before they go to bed. Never a dull day, to say the least!

What is your biggest joy as a dad? Hands down the biggest joy of being a dad is the enjoyment of watching my kids grow, smile and laugh. It’s everything everyone tells you and then some.

What is your biggest challenge as a dad? Biggest challenge as a dad at first was managing twins, it’s single handedly the most stressful thing I’ve ever done. Now they are past the first 2 years it’s stressing about the decisions I make for them.

Fast Faves

Outdoor spot for the family: Phoenix Zoo, Butterfly Wonderland and, of course, any park that has a playground!

Where to spend “me” time: Considering I don’t have much me time, a golf course is a great place. Great escape and time to reflect on what’s going on in my life. Whether I’m hitting the ball well is another subject!

Spot to spend a Sunday morning: My kitchen. I really enjoy spending time cooking breakfast, brewing great PRESS coffee and watching my kids try to imitate daddy doing one thing or the other. They love to say ‘coppee’ when I’m making coffee.

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Check out Steve Kraus in Arizona Foothills Magazine Best of Our Valley 2016 Collectors Edition issue here or get the digital version here.

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