Favorite ASU It Girl & Best Valley YouTuber: Keaton Milburn

by Melissa Larsen

Favorite ASU It Girl

Though being a full-time student at Arizona State University is definitely demanding of anyone’s time, Keaton Milburn still finds moments to show off her beauty and fashion-styling skills to her 400,000-plus YouTube followers (check out her channel at youtube.com/user/kkeeeaattoonn). “I think what it takes to be an ‘it’ girl is being confident in yourself and being who you are despite adversity and being uniquely yourself.” She looks forward to seeing how her channel will continue to grow and to unveil her brand partnerships coming up on her social media platforms. Living the college-student dream, she is particularly excited about her brand partnerships at Coachella. @kkeeaattoonn@KeatonMilburn

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