Diane & Less Corieri: Favorite Couple

By Melissa Larsen

From the most influential educators and business people to the biggest trendsetters and tastemakers, these locals are tops when it comes to making the Valley the best place to call home.

Favorite Couple: Diane & Les Corieri, Co-owners, Evening Entertainment Group

How long have you been married? 26 years. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Key to a successful marriage? Four simple words: Separate closets, separate restrooms.

Favorite thing about one another? We make each other laugh. Ever since we first met as young 20-somethings, no matter how stressful life gets, I love that we can always lighten our day with laughter.

Fast Faves

Favorite date night: Staying home and cooking and watching a movie or just hanging out. It sounds boring, but considering we are out and about all the time for work, we really cherish any downtime we get.

Scenic spot: We are both transplanted Midwesterners, so we love spending time at our summer cabin in Idaho.

Spot to spend a Sunday morning: Diane: Les likes to get up and go watch football with friends, but I’m all about lounging around at home in my PJ’s, usually cooking something. That is my creative outlet.

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