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You voted for more than 4,000 nominees in nearly 400 categories (equaling 1.5 million-plus views at Now, it is time to get to know your Best of Our Valley 2014 winners. From your favorite restaurants and resorts to your choice schools and shops, Arizona Foothills Magazine presents Best of Our Valley 2014.

Known as the “Pop Culture Connoisseur,” Kinsey Schofield is a nationally recognized social media strategist and TV commentator/interviewer who can be seen gracing the small screen on The E! Channel, “Dr. Drew on Call,” “Nancy Grace,” “Jane Velez-Mitchell” and “Fox & Friends,” to name a few of her regular gigs. This well-known stylish social media maven went to great lengths to gain votes for Most Fashionable in the Valley Under 30: Women. (Perhaps you saw the Ryan Gosling masks around Scottsdale, urging you to vote for her?) Here, read about her over-the-top Best of Our Valley campaign and her fun fashion staples.


AFM: What is your day-to-day like?

KS: Today you have caught me filming a new E! series, “Worst Thing I Ever.” I woke up this a.m. and have been reading my notes on repeat. I will go in to hair and makeup, shoot and then sit in traffic. Typically, I bounce from HLN’s “Nancy Grace,” “Dr. Drew on Call” and “Jane Velez- Mitchell.” Those days are similar. I wake up and immediately start communicating with producers in Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta to craft our pop culture and social media segments. I film from either Phoenix or Los Angeles. Then I come home, and I spoon my fur children.

AFM: How did you campaign to win?

KS: I purchased hundreds of postcards announcing my nomination and requesting votes. The nominations were around Halloween, so I printed up and hid 200 Ryan Gosling face masks around Scottsdale, instructing people to vote for me. I created goody bags that I delivered to influential friends in hopes that they would tweet about it to encourage votes. The bags included prescription pill bottles full of Barbie shoes and faux diamonds with a message that read, “Help This Fashion Junkie Win Most Fashionable!” I had yard signs; I put four in my parents’ front yard at once. I would leave a postcard with heart-shape sunglasses taped to it when I had completed paying for a meal, for my waitress. I really lived in the campaign; however, I think the most important aspect of the execution was the online ambassadors. My friend, @politicsofamy, would tweet to vote for me multiple times a day. I had Nick Searcy of FX’s “Justified” tweet to vote for me, [as did] several influential individuals that had nothing to gain from my win. It was just out of the kindness of their own hearts. You can see a visual example at

AFM: What are some of your personal Valley faves?

KS: I love happy hour at Dominick’s Steakhouse. I’m always finding necessary and fun knick-knacks at the Garage boutique, and Dre’s Hair Salon makes me feel fabulous. I also enjoy an afternoon at O.H.S.O. with my precious pups and staycations at Hermosa Inn.

AFM: You split your time between Scottsdale and California. What is that like?

KS: I prefer Scottsdale to Los Angeles immensely. A. Parking. B. Friends and family. Los Angeles can be lonely, but it’s full of professional opportunity, so I will always have to keep one foot over there. I’ve had a small little bungalow in Santa Monica for four years that I love and refuse to give up. My dogs love the beach! Scottsdale is convenient, full of interesting and ambitious individuals, and beautiful. Scottsdale is where I want to be. Am I more likely to meet my future husband, James Franco, in Los Angeles? Yes.

AFM: Who are your favorite designers?

KS: I don’t shop designer as much as I shop for fun and fit. I get the most compliments from the items that I find on Etsy—from my vintage- looking RUN-DMC jacket to my Madonna purse. I like wearing things that no one else in the room will be wearing. If I had to give you the name of a designer though, I would say Tina Knowles—solely due to the fact that she birthed Beyoncé.

AFM: What is the key to dressing well?

KS: Spanx.

AFM: During a work day, what will you most likely be wearing? What about a casual day?

KS: I work in television so I like to mix a funky T-shirt like Chaser Brand with a nice Elizabeth and James blazer. I’m a sucker for black bottoms so it will always be Level 99 skinnies or BlackMilk Clothing matte leggings. Happiness is a pair of Jeffrey Campbell motorcycle boots.

AFM: Where do you shop locally?

KS: My Sister’s Closet. I just found a Hervé Léger there for $200. I ran out of the store after they swiped my debit card feeling like I had just gotten away with a crime. It was exhilarating. 

 Story by Melissa Larsen

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