Best Marketing Professional & Most Influential Woman in the Valley: Veronique James

by Melissa Larsen

After kicking off her career as a graphic designer, Veronique James felt held back by corporate culture. Therefore, James set out on her own in 2005 and is the founder and CEO of The James Agency. This year, the marketing extraordinaire foresees major growth for her company which was preceded with a brand-new office and three new team members as of January. In addition to creating innovative and impactful work for her clients, many of which are local businesses, The James Agency gives back to the community by taking on one pro bono client per year. “For the past few years, we have had the pleasure of working with Colleen’s Dream Foundation. It’s amazing to see how much the organization has grown and humbling to know that we have played a part in helping them gain important attention.”@thejamesagency

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