Le Boudoir Studio: Best Photographer (Boudoir) 2015

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The best photographers require that certain something, that special eye to capture what others might miss. The votes are in, and you voted Le Boudoir Studio the 2015 winner of Best Photographer: Boudoir.

Best Photographer - Boudoir

The Le Boudoir Studio Mission Statement

To inspire self love while empowering and increasing self confidence in women through boudoir photography.

We asked owner of Le Boudoir Studio, the lovely Jodi Maxwell, a few questions on the successful business she has created right here in Phoenix.

Age: 30

City you live in: Phoenix

I grew up in… Las Vegas, but I was born is AZ and love it so came back right after high school.

A typical day in my life includes… photographing fabulous ladies! I get to play dress up all day and make them feel beautiful!

Le Boudoir Studio Client006

When I was a little girl, I… Always dreamed of owning my own photography studio.

Who makes up your team? We have an intern, 2 employees, a hair and make-up artist and our social media gal!

The best part of my job is… making women feel beautiful and increasing their confidence!

What made me want to specialize in photographing boudoir was… As a woman myself, I know that as women we tend to be our own worst critics. Whether it is the media, what people have told us or our own distorted self-image; it seems as though women pick themselves apart.

This is why I followed my passion of creating a boudoir photography studio. When one of my first clients said “you made me feel so beautiful”; I knew this was my calling. Creating an inviting and comfortable environment for women to be able to relax, feel beautiful and increase confidence is an amazing feeling.

Le Boudoir Studio

My favorite places to shop for clothing that could be used in shoots is… vintage shops or shops with a vintage lacey feel!

My favorite theme to shoot would have to be… boudoir of course but even further a more vintage feel boudoir with lacey details.

Who is eligible to participate in a photo shoot? 18 or older women that want to feel sexy and confident! Perfect gift for their man or themselves:)

The biggest piece of advice I offer my customers is… have fun! Trust your photographer, I will help you with posing and walk you through the entire process.

The most important thing for someone to remember is… that this will be an experience, not just photos, they will walk away feeling like a supermodel for a day, this eases their minds so it is a fun instead of an anxious experience.


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