Best of Our Valley Spotlight: Arizona Animal Welfare League, ‘Best Annual Gala’

Arizona Animal Welfare League celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a St. PAWtrick’s Day-themed Evening to Paws event last year

For over the past 20 years, we’ve celebrated the Valley’s best. From the top businesses and professionals to the people who make it all happen, Arizona Foothills Magazine’s annual Best of Our Valley contest recognizes Arizona’s crème de la crème across more than 400 categories. From the best doctors and best resort down to the best cup of coffee you can find around town, each Best of titleholder is chosen by those who know the city best – our readers.

Each week, we’ll be highlighting individual winners from Best of Our Valley 2018, who share their advice, insights and thoughts on what it means to be a part of this exclusive list.

Arizona Animal Welfare League celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a St. PAWtrick’s Day-themed Evening to Paws event last year

The Best of spotlight is on the Arizona Animal Welfare League, who claimed Best Annual Gala for its annual Evening to Paws event. Congrats, Arizona Animal Welfare League!

AFM: In a brief 2-3 sentences, please tell us a little bit about the Arizona Animal Welfare League and the Evening to Paws event.
Judith Gardner, executive director, Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL): AAWL is a leader in animal welfare. We pride ourselves on our experience, creativity and passion for saving homeless animals, giving them the best care and love while finding them the best homes. An Evening to Paws, our largest fundraiser, gives us the opportunity to share stories about the special animals we’ve helped and how our supporters’ donations are being spent to fulfill our mission.

AFM: What does it mean to you to be a Best of Our Valley winner?  
AAWL: This is really an honor that confirms our successful attempt at making each event a fun and rewarding experience for attendees.

AFM: What’s your favorite part about being the Best of Our Valley’s Best Annual Gala?  
AAWL: This award recognizes that a lot of thought, planning and creativity goes into this event each year. We always have a fun theme and people say it is one of the most fun events they attend all year.

AFM: What advice would you give to others to be the “best” in your field?  
AAWL: Go a little step above what is expected of your event by always throwing in a surprise.

AFM: Have you seen any benefits as a result of being a BOOV winner?  
AAWL: Our next “Evening to Paws” is March 2, 2019,  at the Omni Montelucia, so we will see if more people attend!

AFM: How does the AZ Animal Welfare League put its “best” foot forward every day? 
AAWL: Every single staff member and volunteer is passionate about helping animals and it shows in everything we do every day of the year.

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