Best Wedding Planners: Celebrations by Amy Bacon

When designing your dream day for the one of the biggest moments of your life you want to put you vision in the hands of only the premiere planners. The readers have spoken and voted Celebration by Amy Bacon as Best Wedding Planners in the Valley for 2014!




Winner: Celebrations by Amy Bacon

Ashley Gain Weddings and Events

Outstanding Occasions

Victoria Canada Wedding & Events

Imoni Events

Karen Doan Events

Cause for Celebration

Signature Events

Kate & Company

Van Damme Weddings

Celebrations by Amy Bacon offers the highest level of professional service so that you can sit back and enjoy your event just as much as your invited guests with the certainty that your vision for the day comes to life. With over ten years of wedding and event planning experience, we are one of Arizona’s premier wedding and event planning specialists. You’re guaranteed to find that one of our planners is the perfect person to take care of you and your event from start to finish. We limit the number of weddings and events we plan every year to ensure that you receive superior service and our dedicated attention.

We got out votes by…

Creating a Facebook event and inviting our clients, friends, and acquaintances. Word of mouth is the best advertising and we’re proud that our circle of support let their voices be heard to help us win!

We are the best Wedding Planners in the Valley because…

We connect with our clients from the start and are still there for them even after the event is done. We fight back tears when we have to move a folder to ‘Former Clients’ because they became family to us! We can’t make their event perfect if we don’t really know who they are as people, not just as a bride or a groom; we hear time and again that this is one of our clients’ favorite things about us so we know we’re on the right track.

We would like to thank…

Our friends and family for not only supporting us through votes to win Best of the Valley but for always supporting us! Wedding planning is not an easy job and we couldn’t do it without the love of those around us. You help remind us why we do what we do; THANK YOU!

Winning the Best of Our Valley contest is important to us because…

We always strive to do our very best no matter what and it is encouraging to be recognized for it. Our clients and fellow vendors that voted for us have seen first-hand how hard we work so we are very thankful that they believe in us enough to vote!

We are motivated by…

The love and joy that is felt at an event after months and sometimes years of planning with our clients. Lots of blood, sweat, and tears go into planning and executing an event so when we are able to stop and look around at all of the happiness that it created, we are fueled to do it all over again with more events in the future.

We pride ourselves on…

Putting our clients first. We love working with the best vendors and venues in the Valley so they are who we refer our clients to, not because we are going to receive referral fees from it but because we know our clients deserve nothing but the absolute best. Our clients know that if we give them a company’s name, it’s because we know that company will take care of our clients 110%. We cringe when we hear about events that weren’t a success because a lousy recommendation was made so we take every precaution and are highly critical when we decide who makes the cut in getting to work on our clients’ events.

Some of our other favorite businesses, people, places, etc. in the Valley are… 

We love being able to support local businesses and small shops! Keeping the money here in Arizona is important because it keeps our industry going and growing. Whenever we can we try to have our meetings at locally owned restaurants; it’s a bonus that most of them have the best tasting food and drinks available! Lux Central is great for our low-key morning meetings for sipping on lattes while discussing details and OHSO Brewery is perfect when we need to relax after a long day of design meetings around town. When in doubt, pick local!

Our favorite thing about Arizona is…

The beautiful weather and awe-inspiring sunsets. Having a 9-month event season is unheard of in other states but it’s what we’re blessed with in Arizona. As wedding planners we check the weather forecast almost religiously. Who can argue with partly cloudy and 75 degrees for events? Of course there are times when we have to pull out Plans B, C, and D when the weather doesn’t agree with our outdoor plans, but we’re prepared when that happens and we know it can make for some unique memories! It’s just a coincidence that our company colors are reflected in the sky each evening as the sun goes down, but we love those shades of pink, blue, purple and orange all the same. The Arizona sky can’t be beat for the ideal backdrop to a couple’s first pictures as husband and wife!

We love our community because…

It is filled with such caring and supportive people. Our vendors know that if they ever need help with anything, they are surrounded by people who will lend a helping hand, no questions asked. As workers in the events industry, no one can do what they do without collaboration and our community lives that out with passion. Events are a group effort; why not get along with the people you work alongside with and create some friendships in the meantime?

We are looking forward to the Best of Our Valley Bash because…

We are usually the ones working at events! It’s rare when we actually get to sit back and attend them. We’re honored to be recognized with so many other Best of the Valley companies and are excited to get to celebrate together. Interaction is most often through phone calls or emails with these people so we can’t wait to get together in person to celebrate our achievements.






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